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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cvsny 8 / 10 / 10

Great script and acting holds your interest

Action-packed murder mystery depicted by one actor, his landline telephone and an ensemble of voice-over actors for 15 other plot characters. As the main character gets involved in the home project of organizing a large collection of family pictures, one photo in particular stands out as being relevant to the 30-year old murder of a family member. The film pulls on your imagination to visualize the developing story in much the same way a good mystery book does.

Reviewed by PaperKeyboard 6 / 10 / 10

Very enjoyable

An enjoyable 'one act' or 'single shot' sort of film. Starting with the same salesman junk calls we all receive, our star James goes about the business of his day. He starts organizing photos and becomes puzzled by one, involving relatives. Slowly unfolding we watch and listen as the man becomes an amateur detective from the comfort of his home. Armed with only his phone, memories he interacts with various others only by phone as he seeks to discover who murdered his sister in law decades earlier. Set in Hawaii, but filmed all within his home. My only complaint really is the way various actors present their lines. Many are somewhat stilted, and clearly were reading from the script itself - not really acting. The timing is also off a bit and all this produces a lack of real feeling conversion between our man Jimmy and some of those on the phone.

Reviewed by sisterpcocd 6 / 10 / 10


I would never have believed that an old guy on a phone could keep me riveted to the screen for so long. Who needs sets, deep score. or anything. When you have incredible writing and superb acting... I guess that's all you need. Could you please re-make Dial M for Murder now and I guarantee a 10!

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