The Last of the High Kings


Comedy / Drama

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November 11, 2020



Catherine O'Hara as Madame Carlotta
Christina Ricci as Rebecca Salcau
Emily Mortimer as Jane Banks
Gabriel Byrne as Mr. Pilby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yossarian100 7 / 10 / 10

A better slant on coming of age stories.

A coming of age story for people who don't usually like coming of age stories, unfortunately renamed for American audiences a Summer Fling, which it is not about at all. Nor is it really much of a coming of age movie, in the sense the strongest character is the proddy hating Irish Catholic mother, played by Catherine O'Hara, a red haired overly political passionate nutcase who steals the movie from the kids. The kids, by the way, are interesting, amusing, and not idiotic, like those found in most Hollywood comedies. I found the movie entertaining and I appreciated not being patronized. If you're looking for something light, a little Irish, and a pleasant way to pass the time, check this out.

Reviewed by chrisp-44 8 / 10 / 10

Cracking film

Saw this film in Ireland when it came out and loved it then. Found it again on Amazon and I still think it's a great film. It is touching without being mawkish, wryly amusing. Makes me glad I'm half Irish! Interesting introduction to Lorraine Pilkington, lovely girl and a talented actress. The setting is perfect, faded gentility in an Ireland becoming more sophisticated. Some comment on the politics of both church and state, poking gentle fun at both. Not deeply intellectual, but fun without being facile. If you like to see genuine human interaction, skilfully portrayed, you will love this film, now something of a period piece.

Reviewed by volley8885 8 / 10 / 10

Not a coming of age story.

Many people may believe that "Summer Fling" is a coming of age story. From my perception, I see that this movie is about a 17 year old boy growing up in 1977 Dublin, named Frankie Griffin(played by Jared Leto) trying to discover his destination in life. The movie starts out with Frankie taking exams for his completion of school. The results to these exams will play an important matter if either Frankie is going to further his education or has to get a job. Catherine O'Hara plays Frankie's mother, Cathleen, who is very political and devoted to her country. Frankie's father, played by Gabriel Byrne, is a steady stage actor who is a minor influence in Frankie's life and also to the film, but plays an important element in the storyline. Throughout the film, Frankie tries to gain the respect of two protestant girls that Cathleen is not to fond of. However, Christina Ricci plays Erin, a girl who is from America, is of Irish decent, and not protestant. Cathleen welcomes Erin with open arms, and Frankie just ignores her. Many people may think that "Summer Fling" is about a boy who has a fantasy about being in love with one of the two protestant girls. But to everyone's surprise, "Summer Fling" is about a boy who is on his journey into coming into manhood and along the way picking his own path in his life. I believe that this film a great original story that will make you rethink about important matters in your own life and making dreams of your own.

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