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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 2 / 10 / 10

Dreadful British indie sci-fi

THE LAST SCOUT is a dreadful British indie science fiction picture made on just a couple of sets. There's a lot of bad CGI here and a basic storyline that copies ALIEN (as normal), but in terms of scripting this is a truly dreadful experience. It's impossible to figure out what's going on or why the people are fighting because it's so badly written and hastily put together. Non-actor Simon Phillips, of the dreadful JACK SAYS trilogy, is equally bad in support here, and he's no great shakes as director either. Some of the actors give it their best shot but this is terrible whichever way you look at it.

Reviewed by KawaiiKiwi 2 / 10 / 10

The Last Bore

I gave this B movie a chance because the trailer made it look like Sunshine or Event Horizon, but it's nothing like that. The characters talk for about an hour like it's a romcom TV show until something finally happens. The first 40 min could have easily been cut. But even after a little action finally happens, then it's back to more talking until the end of the movie. The trailer only shows that 5 minutes where something actually happens. But the actual movie is just people talking. The special effects are obviously bad, but they do the job. The actors are okay but the problem is that the script is awful. The plot is just not interesting and just tries to recycle better films. This is advertised as horror-sci-fi but it's not scary or even tense, there's just nothing happening, and even when you think something has happened, the big reveal is lame. It's more of a drama-sci-fi. Better just rewatch Event Horizon or Sunshine instead.

Reviewed by bsx-05384 2 / 10 / 10

doesnt deserve a high ranking even graded on an indie curve

It starts off watchable, albeit dull. When the low budget sfx for the outside of the ship and space look superior in realism to the inside of the ship, it is not hard to imagine that is only the beginning of the problems. I like sci fi movies, and I take the leap of the parameters they set up. This movie, though, just gets moronic. There are way too many times were this future spaceship doesn't even have the same obvious tech that was present a long time before today. Then, in the last 15 minutes or so, the movie just collapses at it tries to get the ending it wants when it had already painted itself into a different corner.

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