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Reviewed by calvinnme 6 / 10 / 10

The Music Man Meets Star Wars

A recent high school grad (Lance Guest as Alex Rogan) lives in a rural traier park that his mother runs. Despite having a great girlfriend (Catherine Mary Stewart as Maggie) and a loving family, like any kid in his late teens he wants to see what is in the wider world, specifically he wants to go to college. But that requires a scholarship, and when he doesn't get one, that means he is stuck where he is, going to community college. Out of frustration and boredom he is given to playing "The Last Starfighter" video game that is in the park's rec area. Then one night Alex breaks the record on the game, and is surprised when the alien Centauri (Robert Preston) lands and asks him to come with him, that as the winner of the game he has won a great surprise of a prize. Alex finds out that the surprise is that Centauri is an intergalactic con man who marketed the game to find somebody with the ability to be a Starfighter and basically simulated the actual war between the democratic Rylan Star League and the autocratic Ko-Dan Empire in the game. Alex says he did not sign up to get himself killed and asks to be taken back to earth. Right after Alex leaves, the Starfighter base with all of the Rylan fighters is blown up due to sabotage and the Starfighters killed - except for one, Alex. The Empire sends a hitman after him in the trailer park, and he would have succeeded if not for Centauri interceding. Centauri tells him the empire will send more and more of these hit men and that the only way Alex can protect himself and his family is go back and be a Starfighter. Except now he is literally "the last Starfighter". If this all sounds a bit like Star Wars - autocratic empire versus democratic good guys, a young man who wants adventure who finds himself in the middle of things, etc. that is because it is. Unfortunately, the villain doesn't really measure up. That would be Xur, a traitor from Rylos to whom the Ko-Dan Emperor has promised control of Rylos in return for giving the empire vital information. Xur plays this role as a campy man child who walks around talking to his scepter. Not exactly Darth Vader. There are some humorous bits - Robert Preston in his last feature film doing a send up of his conman role in The Music Man, and the robotic likeness of Alex who Centauri placed on earth so that Alex's friends and family don't notice he is missing while he is out saving the galaxy. The problem is that the robotic likeness just doesn't get 20th century "mating rituals" as he calls them, and manages to alienate Maggie in Alex's absence, and also frighten Alex's little brother when, in the middle of the night, the Alex clone decides to get up and repair his head. The ending makes it look like the film was setting itself up for a sequel, but that never happened as the box office didn't really pay off. This was a summer movie in 1984 and much was expected, but it did not pan out. I'd still mildly recommend it, largely for the wonderful Robert Preston who unfortunately is not around for most of the film.

Reviewed by sdejka 9 / 10 / 10

Great Story and Characters; watch it with your kids

Just watched this with my 12 yr old daughter and she loved it. I was a junior in HS when I first saw it. Loved it then, still enjoyed in 2017. The characters are funny, and enjoyable. This movie, unlike others I saw back in my youth that I thought would be fun to watch again, did retained it's sense of adventure, humor and seriousness for me. I never noticed the early CGI when I was young, and very much noticed it now. That didn't deter from the story or enjoyment of the movie; kinda reminded me of TRON CGI. If you're into sharing movies of your youth with the kiddos, put this one on your list!

Reviewed by moshomaniac 9 / 10 / 10

The Last Starfighter: a Star Wars imatation, but a quality one.

....After all, Star Wars borrowed heavily from both Flash Gordon and Akira Kurosawa(in particular, the hidden fortress). But we are talking about TLS here, so here we go. The Last Starfighter is a space adventure PERFECT for kids around 10-11. The special effects, the tongue-in-cheek script, the whole movie is one of the most exciting and entertaining films to come out of the early 1980s. The use of CGI space ships-then state of the art-may look dated today, but keep in mind this was 1984, so I feel that it doesn't hurt the film that much. *Spoilers ahead* The story is about Alex Rogen, a high school kid living in a trailer park with a talent for an arcade game called 'Star Fighter'. One faithful night, he beats the top score, and the next day, a man named Centauri comes to recruit him to fight evil, the game acting as the proverbial sword in the stone which leads Alex to his destiny, leaving behind a robot double to fill in as his replacement. The film does a good job of making a star wars like fantasy that is just different enough to keep it fresh. Lots of fun, with an enthralling soundtrack and good acting all around, especially from the late Robert Preston(Centauri), who plays the role of Centauri. It is also interesting to note that the film was originally going to spawn a tie-in video game of the same name, Atari's first 3D polygonal arcade game to use a Motorola 68000 as the CPU, but it was never released. If you like Sci-fi and adventure, this film is right up your alley.

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