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Reviewed by ASouthernHorrorFan 7 / 10 / 10

My Review Of "Aeon: The Last Vampyre On Earth"

"Aeon: The Last Vampyre On Earth" is a dramatic thriller from director Daniel Falicki and stars April Basile, Daniel Falicki, Chris Eddy, Joseph Charles McIntosh in what turns out to be a surprisingly suspenseful, intense film. The story focuses on the philosophical debate between the last of two surviving species. One, a millennial creature of the night, both primal and superior, the other is the last of the human race. Fleeing a cataclysm of unimaginable origin, Catherine Murnau finds refuge in a warehouse that is barely standing after an apocalyptic extinction event. She and Aeon, the last vampyre battle wits and each other. Through the course of the story Catherine shows enough fortitude to engage the eternal in an inquisitive dialog which reveals a history of the planet and humanity far different than the one she knows. "Aeon: The Last Vampyre On Earth" is a taut melodrama with some pretty intense suspense. The bulk of which hinges on the ability of the two actors portraying the nightmarish colloquy during the devastating end of the world. An ability which comes through very well due to the commitment the actors give to these two characters. The back-and-forth coupled with the chilling, dingy surrounding makes for one heck of an atmospheric thriller. At times the character of Aeon seems to surpass Catherine in delivering some mesmerizing confab but the two really bring the viewer in to the story completely. It is worth mentioning that Aeon is truly refreshing as a throwback to a Gothic, non-romanticized vampire in this story. No hunky, ultra-fab, trendy vamp here, just a terrifying, primal creature far superior in knowledge and ability. Now the production and effects in "Aeon: The Last Vampyre On Earth" is on the low budget side but executed with enough passion and vision that it never takes from the over all visual concept. The action is on a very low level as well with most of the chills and suspense relying on dramatic accentuation combined with sound effects-which at times made me jump. There are moments that the story falters somewhat toward indulgence but never completing reaches the point to become non- watchable. Mostly the film is a classic and timeless allegory of humanity and morality. Overall "Aeon: The Last Vampyre On Earth" is a very cool, and captivating melodrama, one that has me believing that it is worthy of some theatrical stage production in a small off Broadway sort of way.

Reviewed by guestar57 / 10

Very awesome bits of science fiction and horror mashed up.

very cool of a concept,execution and acting are all above the line ! So miniscule set, But what is on set is amazing ..Two leads one a vampire, the other a human female not unlike Ripley from 'Aliens' franchise. So they caught they ( the dead scientists ) caught this vampyre and were experimenting ,i.e. torturing him beyond 'Water-boarding,…etc' and AT the end of the world as he breaks out of his Lab Coffin and this Last Female, okay maybe last human stumbles into his cell …a conversation and battle of wits ensues. Make-up was extreme ,But very necessary for viewers belief in tale. Set was quite sparse,But again what you needed to see was there. "Bravo" to Daniel Falicki, April Basile and Chemical Burn studios.

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