The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter

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April 4, 2019



Carrie Coon as Amanda
Josh Brolin as Roy
Scoot McNairy as Wilson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by luluslounge 7 / 10 / 10

Funnier than others reviewed

Think it depends on people's sense of humor. We thought it was funny. A mild funny but funny dad and son coming of age hunting movie. The scenes were beautiful. Give it a chance.

Reviewed by Alexander_Blanchett 8 / 10 / 10

Nothing New

Tolerable father son adventure comedy but really nothing special our outstanding. A father tries to reunite and connect to his son by going with him on a hunting trip, which is not only showing him about his profession but also a family tradition, but of course the young boy doesnt really care for that. Yeah the story is noting new or special at all nor is it very inspired. The film however has good qualities in the acting department. Josh Brolin was great and took his role very seriously. Good performance. Also Montana Jordan was pretty good as his son. Danny McBride tolerable as the sidekick. The film had beautiful images and a very nice cinematography. But besides that it fell rather flat and even at the rather short running time often appeared to be overlong and boring. The father son thing was predictable and something we saw in dozens of variations hundreds of times on screen already. Still it was not a complete waste of time, but probably could have been much better.

Reviewed by slapshotgoon 8 / 10 / 10


I thought the movie was quite good. If your looking for an action packed movie look elsewhere. A father son bonding type movie in a hunting setting. The layout is actually pretty true to a hunting type predicament. A dad tries to reconnect with his son and show him the beuty of the natural world, and what he does for a living, while the son doesn't really want any of it but tries at some points. Danny McBride played a good, sometimes vulgar but, not over the top comedic relief. At some points in the film the acting feels forced, but when you look at the whole of the movie, it actually would be that way in real life because of the situation the characters are in. Ex alcoholic dad who is never there trying to reconnect with his son. All in all it's a good coming of age, father/son bonding, nature vs. technology type movie. It's also a great movie for a hunter especially slightly older one. They will say it hits the nail on the head.

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