The Legend of Ben Hall


Action / Biography / Drama / History / Western

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MikepUK 9 / 10 / 10

Impressive, enjoyable and informative

Living in the UK I knew nothing about the subject of this film and watched it purely as I had it on PC. I was very impressed by all aspects of the production. It held my attention from the start and told me a lot about a period of Australian history I knew little about. The film didn't make tremendous efforts to persuade you to like the characters, which I approved of, it let you decide. Scenery, dialogue, acting was all top notch. Oddly enough the thing that made the biggest impression on me in terms of realism was that the majority of bullets fired at various characters actually missed!! It is rare for this to happen in a film when usually every shot hits a target and it made such a refreshing change for an accurate portrayal of shoot outs to be shown. I also read that this film started with a crowdfunding campaign so all credit to everyone involved for making such an excellent film - big studios would do well to take note - you don't need millions to make a damn good film!!

Reviewed by redwhiteandblue1776 7 / 10 / 10

Finally a realistic period movie!

Excellent detail in costuming, guns used, saddlery, style of buildings and scenery. Unlike most "westerns" the shooters in this movie actually missed more often than hit their targets and the black powder guns blew smoke and recoiled. And I liked the way they were shown having to make their own bullets. Another realistic fact of the period. Very well done. Another thing that made this movie realistic was the riders didn't run their horses everywhere. They walked. I appreciate the fact that the film makers actually went to the trouble of making everything look real. Gritty, dirty, a hard life and certainly not glamorous. Very well done.

Reviewed by Bob Rutzel 7 / 10 / 10

Good Aussie Western

This is a true story. In Australia 1864, Ben Hall (Jack Martin) wants to give up being a Bush-ranger (A bandit), but is convinced by his friend John Gilbert – aka Happy Jack – (Jamie Coffa) to give it one more go to make enough money to go to the United States. John Dunn (William Lee) joins them and together they rob mostly travelers. Ben Hall has unfinished business with his wife Biddy (Joanne Dobbin) who left him and he wants to take his son Henry (Zane Ciarma) away from her. The government is in the process of passing The Felons Apprehension Act which would make Ben, Happy Jack and Dunn OUTLAWS and could be shot on sight by any citizen. This movie is about the last 9-months of Ben Hall's life. Before that he and his gang robbed at will and then Ben's gang was disbanded and he led a quiet life until John Gilbert came after him to continue the life of crime. This is a very good western, and some may compare him to Jesse James although all we saw was Ben, Happy Jack and Dunn only robbing travelers and not trains and banks as Jesse James did. Later we did see an attempt to rob a mail coach with a lot of money, but it was not successful. Ben Hall was known all throughout Australia and was known to never have killed a man. The cinematography was stunning, the dialogues were spot on, the acting by all was very good, and the music was low key, but okay. The shooting scenes were carefully done and were impressive. The movie may be a little too long, but very engaging. Ben Hall played by Jack Martin seems to have been a reasonable man who wanted no part of killing. He even allowed a lady he was robbing to keep a necklace she wanted badly. Jamie Coffa as John Gilbert aka Happy Jack was a bit of a clown and a loose cannon sometimes. William Lee as John Dunn was simply a good follower and loyal to Ben Hall. You keep asking what happened to Ben Hall at the end. Ben Hall was betrayed by his good friend Mick Coneley played by Adam Willson and was ambushed by the police Mick's wife Mary (Erica Field) always had a thing for Ben. At the end of the movie there are statements what happened to all. (7/10) Violence: Yes. Sex: No. Nudity: Yes. Language: Some F-bombs, but not many,.

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