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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bazarov24 5 / 10 / 10

TRUE LOVE conquers all

TRUE LOVE conquers all. At least it did in "The Libertine". Meanwhile, a restless young widow skips in and out of various sexual encounters, real and imagined, before meeting her match in a steady, plain-spoken radiologist. The singularly sex-minded Italian film is not nearly as clever, sophisticated and amusing as it archly pretends. For all the worldly trimmings—slick color photography, careful interspersions of nudity and a general tone of coy blandness — the picture is no wiser than the Farmer's Almanac. And not nearly so honest. The idea of a neglected wife suddenly flitting around strenuously until she sees the light is certainly an old one. And it takes a little while to see through the slickly ornate facade of this exercise, very friskily directed by Pasquale Festa-Campanile and with the pert Catherine Spaak as the experimental heroine. Rummaging through various sexual data in a luxurious, hideaway apartment kept by her late husband, she airily proceeds to make up for neglect and lost time with an assortment of partners. One is her husband's best friend. Another is a dentist. Add a tennis player. Add a grinning plumber, and a nameless sadist who cuffs her around. The final chapter, Miss Spaak's lengthy stalking of the somber radiologist, played by Jean-Louis Trintignant, has a flip geniality and some genuine brightness. The two performers carry it off with easy charm. If the rest of the picture had this, the sexual preoccupation might have been less monotonous and obvious. There might even have been a real point.

Reviewed by acerf 9 / 10 / 10

Much ado about M-U-C-H

This is a charming, saucy and insanely amusing little film, featuring Catherine Spaak and assorted body doubles in such generous amounts of body, only a hater of physical beauty won't be charmed. Possibly to death. Note; whatever you do, buy the VHS. Not only is the DVD a bust – no pun, please, but many of Ms. Spaak's more revealing and best, (and I MEAN revealing) moments, have been edited out. (Le recul, le chéri de Catherine ?) These included a nice shot for posterity, of Cat's um, posterior as well as a – well full-frontal surprise this delectable Belgian hottie plays on a school teacher. Not to mention that color separation and poor film stock issues are actually exacerbated on the DVD. There is really nothing to recommend it- except that most won't watch VHS any more. (The DVD does have a few cute outtakes, but my God, we're talking a gorgeous woman, like no other, who plays horsie at great length in the film; surely THAT footage should have been the source of any outtakes.) The film and its incessantly catchy theme commenced … and we find our girl Spaak at her husband's funeral. Far from remorseful, Spaak's 'Mimi' says of his death, she feels 'nothing.' But soon, SOON, dear viewer, she'll feel SOMETHING and in a big way and often! While as fluffy as a Roman Cloud in May, this movie is cited for having a few underlying themes of the 'eat drink and be merry for tomorrow…,' as well as 'know thy woman or else' type. Perhaps, perhaps not. Doesn't matter. The film is hysterical and very much like the music of the Smiths – if anyone else tried this stuff, it would be a disaster; in their capable hands, a delight. … Even if Rome has few clouds of any kind in May … Freed from a husband for whom sexually, Mimi never responded, she proceeds to go on a tear, of – if memory serves, 8 count em' eight, men in a row, not to mention an apparent orgy where God knows what the score may have been. It happens that Spaak's deceased had a play pen in Rome, a hideaway where the latter took his gals, including Spaak's best friend. Spaak learns of this piede e terre through her attorney whom she then beds. She then goes through the roll call: dentist, tennis pro, john, (a guy who thinks she's a prostitute) sadist, (truly regrettable, but very much of the times and a reminder one hopes, of what's NOT acceptable any longer), plumber, (not just 'any plumber' but in fact, her maid's husband) and finally, doctor. Not to mention whatever is going on in the orgy scene, which is actually another film; the orgy occurs in a movie that Catherine plays to the doctor to try and dissuade him from proposing marriage. Nothing doing. This doctor is no fool. He hangs in there and is not put off by her scandalous behavior. Even excites him within the context of, 'family life.' Amusingly, from the earliest scenes, Mimi is shown boning up on various abnormal sexuality tomes. … One of which suggests that Aristotle became aroused through the act of playing horse, or as translated from Italian, 'Ride a cock horse.' Therein lies the films resolution. Owing to a sprained ankle recently suffered, Mimi asks the doctor to carry her. A few unforgettable scenes later and the two are saying how boring their wedding was and Spaak proceeds to ride her new beau into a boundless matrimonial bliss. Obviously, this cat catered to her thing, which of course resolved all her long-held inhibitions, etc. You get it. With this flick, Ridley Scott directed a wonderful, charming witty and above all, genuinely hilarious film, if very much, of its time. Me thinks Catherine Spaak's role could not have been performed by any other, as it is her ability as a comedienne and of course her incredible (and highly unusual) beauty - and other bits - that make this so special. Why, that gal Spaak has more 'it' than the top leading ladies of today, rolled together! As to WHY Ridley Scott used such terrible film stock, you'd have to ask him. A MUST SEE for laughs and when you just need a shot of pure unadulterated sexuality, the real deal, not some creature from a West Hollywood surgeon who left some poor girl's best parts on the cutting room floor. Summer 2004 *Also know as La Matriarca.

Reviewed by daneldorado 9 / 10 / 10

WHAT were they looking at?

Having read all the user comments regarding "La Matriarca" (1968), I am dumbfounded that none of the readers -- NOT ONE -- cared to mention what I consider its KEY SCENE. There have been six (6) user comments for this film before mine, and all of them discuss the sexual kinks in it; certainly there are plenty of those. But nobody seems to want to talk about the cathartic scene, where Jean Louis Trintignant puts Mimi (Catherine Spaak) over his knee and spanks her as if she were a naughty little girl. That spanking is purgative for Mimi. It releases her from her sexual inhibitions and her desire to dominate men as she feels she was dominated by her late husband. She and Dr. DeMarchi (Trintignant) realize their love for each other, and they marry. Her sexual adventurism is a thing of the past, as they settle down together. But all of the user comments were written in the 21st century, and were no doubt influenced by the prevailing feminist moral code. It is now considered ungentlemanly to spank a grown woman, in spite of the fact that for hundreds of years before the current era, spankings were common and generally accepted by the public. A large number of mainstream films attest to that sensibility. At any rate, "La Matriarca" (known in the U.S. as "The Libertine") gives us a delicious show of what happens when a young and beautiful woman becomes a widow and then discovers that her late husband had kept a love nest where he spent time with other women and unleashed his sadistic instincts. The home movies she finds in that apartment -- where all the walls and ceilings are made of mirrors -- show women being whipped, punched, beaten, and subjected to numerous unimaginable humiliations. NONE of those humiliations, however, include spanking. That would be too tame. But not too tame for Dr. DeMarchi, as he realizes that Mimi -- whom he has grown to love -- needs to be purged of the bitterness that is poisoning her life. He proposes marriage to Mimi, but she doesn't say yes and she doesn't say no; to help her make up her mind, he puts her over his knee and spanks her. As I said at the outset, that is the key scene of this film. It should not be ignored in future reviews. By the way: To disabuse you of any thoughts that I might be wrong about considering the spanking as "the key scene," consider buying the DVD. And notice the still that appears repeatedly, every time you try to change the disc features. Yep, it shows Mimi getting spanked. Apparently the disc producers consider that the "key scene" too. Dan Navarro ([email protected])

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