The Long Way Home


Adventure / Drama / Family

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October 27, 2020



Betty Garrett as Veronica
Eric Keenleyside as Sheriff Billings
Jack Lemmon as Thomas Gerrin
Sarah Paulson as Diane Sherman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lars_he 10 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly fresh Lemmon

Jack Lemmon is great in this drama, portraying a widower with masterly realism, balancing between a grumpy old man and the character he played in Short Cuts. While watching the movie, I was afraid it would eventually turn overbearingly sentimental, but it never did. It's a lovely, thought provoking story. Surprisingly fresh and much recommended.

Reviewed by Nigel-26 10 / 10 / 10


At last a movie that deals sensitively with the relationship between a widower (recent) and his children and why those children choose a course of action which does not always include the widower (Jack Lemmon). The fact that he chooses, on the spur of the moment, to go to California to see someone he has not seen for 50 years is testimony to the fact that he believes his life is being led by others and not himself. Part of the self realisation comes from a young woman who nearly runs him over and it is through her that he gradually realises that he is not old, he does not have to retire and that he has a purpose after all. A touching movie with nice warm overtones. If you are a child with an aged parent, it is a movie which one should see so that you do not make the same assumptions!

Reviewed by dsp21953 10 / 10 / 10

Bridging Generational Gaps

This movie is pure bliss to watch, Jack Lemmon makes it so. Such a shame we shall never see more of his films. I'm used to seeing Mr. Lemmon play old cranks, politicians, businessmen, etc but in this role he stands out as Tom Gerrin, a 75 year old retired carpenter. Mr. Lemmon not only looks like the retired carpenter you almost forget he is an actor. The best part of this movie is it demonstrates how friendship knows no age limits. In fact friendship between two people from completely different generations can easily bridge the gap. I would know as one of my closest friends is an 82 year old former professor of mine. When I watch this movie I think of our times we meet and swap stories from out past. What also contributes to the friendship and the bridging of the generational gaps is also the message of "the golden years should not mean a death sentence." This movie is about living one day at a time and enjoying life no matter what age you are. In closing Jack Lemmon made this movie. Cheers to him and God rest his soul. Pick up this movie on DVD on It will make you glad for the friendships you will make with all sorts of people and give you and outlook for enjoying life.

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