The Lost Okoroshi


Action / Adventure / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danielokeyokoro 10 / 10 / 10

Nigerian New Wave!

Thoroughly enjoyed the film! It was authentic, honest, absurdist, comical & inquisitive in all right ways. I truly feel like this film was tailor made for me. I'm just realizing that this is the first/only movie that's actually told from MY perspective. I'm the target audience for this film! And I'm looking forward to Abba's next feature!

Reviewed by Nomadicfizzle / 10

A captivating and funny critique of Nigeria...

This is a really vibrant, dream-like film with a completely original soundtrack. I have never visited Nigeria or watched any other movies made in Nigeria and I really enjoyed getting a glimpse of life in Lagos. It was a little hard to understand the characters at first, so I put on the subtitles and that helped... A lot. The story follows the main character named Raymond as he transforms into a costumed spirit, or masquerade, named Okoroshi. Okoroshi gives good fortune and wealth to the good and punishes the wicked. Watching a giant, purple, shaggy-looking spirit dance and interact with the different characters was great. Some scenes dragged a little but overall I really enjoyed this filmmaker's critique of modern Nigeria (and other parts of the world). He definitely has something to say.

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