The Missing Sister



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Darin Brooks as Frank
Diora Baird as Sammi Lovett
Rachele Brooke Smith as Taryn Belle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by deedrala 4 / 10 / 10

Other reviews here incorrect

Two of the reviews here have incorrect content, which I've corrected here: Sharon's friend who worked at the hospital wasn't a doctor - she worked in one of the offices there as an accountant or bookkeeper. Furthermore, she's not too young to be a doctor. If Sharon at age 32 isn't too young to be one, then neither is her friend. Another review said the sister couldn't have survived til the end of the movie - meaning after the impostor had tried to kill her and left her for dead. As the detective (Dev's cousin) told Sharon and Dev at the end of the movie as they walked to the real Raven's hospital room, a hiker found her in the ravine at the bottom of the hill two days after Sharon and Dev had driven to Raven's house to meet her and met the impostor. He told them that she had almost starved to death and had broken leg, ribs, etc., and would've died if the hiker hadn't found her when he did. As for the movie itself - yet another unrealistic unbelievable 'Psycho Villain vs. Lifetime Good Guy and Good Girl', yarn.

Reviewed by schtacy 7 / 10 / 10

Decent movie, but unrealistic

The actress who played her doctor friend was completely unbelievable as a doctor.

Reviewed by arant_jga 7 / 10 / 10

Pretty good movie!

Sure, there are some plot holes here. After all, it IS a Lifetime movie. But, it is well acted with a relatively strong cast and a surprise ending. Worth the watch!

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