The Mistletoe Promise


Comedy / Drama / Family / Romance

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August 26, 2020



Christie Laing as Holly
Jaime King as Elise Donner
Lochlyn Munro as Robert
Sarah Smyth as Monica Corelli
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by psylocke928 10 / 10 / 10

Mistletoe Promise is a promise

This was one of the better Hallmark Christmas movies I've seen. Normally, I don't care for them, but this one really stuck with me. I highly enjoyed it & well casted. I hope you give it a chance! Wait, it's a book too? :o

Reviewed by ehennig-22550 8 / 10 / 10


It was a cute movie. Not a huge fan of Jamie King but it was still cute. Wishing the ending showed Nick helping her with the contract between her and her ex.

Reviewed by sndbd-93781 8 / 10 / 10

When is a promise different from a commitment?

Enjoyable and its always fun to see mutual interests grow to friendship, especially at Christmas.. the most stressful season! The film takes us on an original premise, a promise, to watch strangers reveal how they came to be where they are today... and how they can help each other resolve issues, and take pleasure in seeing it unfold. Isn't that the Christmas spirit? Oh, there are definite production problems along the way... the extras working in the film are so bad, its distracting beyond belief -- particularly in the food court, and the snow man building contest. The fake snow is also very annoying. But the main characters do keep your attention. Sarah Smyth, as Ashley, was particularly believable. You want to believe that it's a wonderful life... including for a lawyer and a travel shop operator. Miracles... and good people... can live Christmas every day of the year. Now, it's time to read the book.

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