The Mourning


Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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Dominique Swain as Colonel Hauser
Louis Mandylor as David
Peter Dobson as Mike
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peterp-450-298716 1 / 10 / 10

For God's sake, can someone convince that guy so he finally tells where the hell he was all these years ???????

Once and a while, you come across movies where you don't have a clue what's going to occur in it from the start. And finally, the end credits run over the screen and you're still staring at it, wondering what you've just seen and what the hell it was about anyway. "The mourning" is such a film. A SF (I guess) about a Marine who pops up again after he disappeared on a mission in Operation Desert Storm 20 years ago. And as naked as a newborn suckling. "So what" you say uninterested. "That's what Schwarzenegger did already before in Terminator II. Maybe he came back on foot and walked for 20 years all the way from the desert back to his hometown." Well, that's a possibility, except that he still looks as young as when he disappeared. And now you think perhaps the beneficent effects of the sun has something to do with that or maybe he only consumed biologically healthy food which is good for the skin. But then there's also the astonishing fact that he can't speak a single word. Yeah, now I got your attention ... uhm ... or not ? And so you have a summary of the first hour of this slow and boring movie. Aaron (Michael Rene Walton) awakens in his birthday suit somewhere in the middle of a forest (a bit similar to "Almost Human"), not knowing how he ended up there. The first thing I noticed when he went to his home town, was the complete desolation. There's no living soul in the vicinity of the city or in the city center itself. It seems like everyone is abducted. You need not to be clairvoyant to realize that almost everyone's mouth drops open from amazement when seeing this long-lost war hero. And then it's time for the tedious Question Time. I stopped counting after a while so I really don't know how many times people asked that same question over and over again : "Aaron, where have you been been all that time ?". It's understandable that he can't explain it the first half hour, since he produces as much sound as a broken radio. But the moment he starts speaking again, the guy still refuses to give a sensible explanation. Believe me, that started to get on my nerves severely. Of course you can work out different scenarios as an explanation for the peculiar behavior of Aaron. It could be that he suffers from PTSD and therefore lost his speaking skills because of the traumas. Or perhaps the entire movie was just a dream for him. Or maybe (drumroll) he was kidnapped by Martians and he peacefully lived for 20 long years in a Martian colony. Or worse, in all those years he was subjected to sadistic alien experiments. The cause of his silence would be due to the fact that he no longer knows how to speak, because he communicated during that period telepathically. There's also someone else convinced of that. An annoying woman with a ridiculous haircut who suddenly appears out of nowhere, so she can cross-examine Aaron all the time about that last possibility. Ultimately, it's all guesswork in the end. You'll sit there in front of your television without any explanation or clearance. I like a profound movie from time to time. A movie with things not that clear and obvious. But this was absurd. So if you have some spare time and you want to spend it in a meaningless and purposeless way, I recommend you watch this empty creation. At least it was still of some use. And hopefully I haven't stepped on an alien creature's green long toes, so they come and abduct me! More reviews here :

Reviewed by jenny-talksalot 1 / 10 / 10

What it's really about

Overall the film was an 'OK', the 5 is for the "I see what they could have been doing there" factor. There was decent build-up, acting was OK but not especially something to write home about. I presume it was low budget and they did well on that score. People expect way too much these days however I do think there was some lazy writing involved. It should have followed through. SPOILERS IN THIS POST!!! I think largely it was an amateur (in the real sense - I am not being derogatory) attempt at being mysterious with the classic shocker 'deep breath' at the end. Re the title it could simply be the case of an out of body experience and a final goodbye (way too obvious though) In my opinion this is the story: Aaron is sent off to war and in the process of being shot happens to be in the right place at the right time. By some twist of fate he is ripped out of existence in his 'proper' time line just as the bullet enters his body and ends up catapulted to his future time line where he wouldn't have existed anyway. Thought: he never actually leaves the spot where he was shot. Every day that passes is just mere microseconds on the war-ground. Therefore, his wound reopening is actually time catching up with him in real-time - his own time. For Aaron, 20years did not pass. He merely blinked. Human energy is so great that the ones around him share in his journey; blonde lady is actually correct. It's telepathic wavelengths. But not the alien kind. The visions of really low budget green hue are in fact soldiers scurrying around the battlefield caught in the time fracture with Aaron, but unaware of the anomaly as they are far enough away - possibly his friend who left him behind? Blonde lady: She is the Mulder and Scully conspiracy theorist who clumsily goes about trying to set the world straight. Basically of no benefit to the story line other than set seeds of doubt. She is just trying to prove her theories true. And they are. To some extent. She's just a little cuckoo. When Aaron awoke at the end - it would have been nice to have had a better hint at his surrounding area. e.g. is he waking up on the ground while he is being shot in his original time? or was he in fact transported to another planet? Was his friend's guilt such that there was a rift that became unstable and sucked him right through? I think he was unable to speak because the microseconds which were passing took their time to catch up with his higher brain functions. (I think I thought about all this waaaaay too much!). We were never really invited to witness his demise so the 'wake up' was a little odd. ANOTHER VIEW The leaf with blood - reincarnation? After all - the human spirit has always carried an air of mystery. Maybe the tree and the river are all linked. When he died on the battlefront, he was reborn a sapling. His physical embodiment was just a reflection of the remnant energy; a bit like the Dr Who regeneration. Hence the short lifespan. Unfortunately, the sapling was always injured and would not have survived. Hence, Aaron's eventual demise. Re absorbed into the earth. *sigh*

Reviewed by kieranwest 1 / 10 / 10

Wasted time

This is a film that could have been something, but instead was nothing. A total waste of time.. Some of the acting was to a very high standard, but unfortunately.the story didn't back up their good efforts. After spending the whole film making you wonder why he was back from the dead, there was no answer. Nothing! It had the feeling of a film that was meant to be deep, but it went so deep it drowned. Honestly, don't bother. There were visual effects of sorts. But sadly these seemed more like some bad camera trick from the 1960s. After watching this my wife said "that's a few hours of my life wasted that I can't get back". I kinda feel for the actors who wasted more than a couple of hours of their lives on this.

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