The Murder Case of Hana & Alice


Animation / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by parknourie 10 / 10 / 10

Iwai Shunji's best film in years

This film perfectly captures the adventurous spirit, the whimsical imaginations, and the awkward solutions that fuels every day life of a 14 year old. As someone who grew up in this kind of environment (although a decade ago) I was uplifted by nostalgia and the naive purity of all the characters. Just look at the screen! The sky painted in this film is absolutely stunning. Backgrounds are detailed and yet not an eye-sore. Sure the characters looked like rough sketch compared to other more visually accomplished Japanese anime, but I think it was simply a wonderful style to match the story. Iwai Shunji, the sensitive soul behind such classics like "Love Letter" and "April Story (Shigatsu Monogatari)" reunites with the original 2004 cast of "Hana and Alice" (Yu Aoi and Anne Suzuki) to tell this small but emotionally rich story involving ballet, a school cult, and a murder investigation. It's fine that you haven't watched the 2004 film. This sets up a new story and invests time in proper character development. The film follows Alice as she interacts with a number of people and proceeds to build relationships with them. Some are hilarious (the cult leader), some are touching (an old man) and her meeting with Hana, is something else entirely. Despite an over-the-top set-up, the mystery's solution actually makes sense and isn't contrived to deliver ridiculous twist. The laughs are there, it looks amazing, the characters are people whom I'd give big hugs to and Iwai Shunji is definitely on-form in his direction.

Reviewed by rti9-929-5803 9 / 10 / 10

An OK movie but...

This is an interesting little tale of how two teenage girls became friends. It has a very honest feeling in how the characters speak and move. Having lived in Japan, this movie really gives a surprisingly unexpected sensation of the everyday there. What sets this movie apart is probably what bothers me. This movie reminds me of the Flowers of Evil TV series from 2013 since both are animated through rotoscoping (an animation technique in which animators trace over footage, frame by frame). This is a decent story, but it could have easily been done without animation. The animation gave some really pretty colors to some scenes, but in the overall it feels unnecessary. You could have told the same story with actors and the result wouldn't be much different. The fact that it is animated will most likely be an important factor to attract and repel some people and it shouldn't. This is not your typical high school anime. It is a movie that happens to be animated. Just that. All in all, a cute adventure of two girls living an unforgettable moment of their adolescence. If you are into teenage dramas and Japan, you might like this.

Reviewed by christian94 9 / 10 / 10

Ballet, beauty and mystery

This anime is fresh and free-flowing. It follows the trials and tribulations of Alice who moves to a new neighbourhood and school. She soon discovers the harsh realities and related fictions around some recent incidents and its repercussions still affecting the surrounding school life. The narrative keeps you guessing and has great depth in character exploration and philosophical musing, including a mysterious old man. It physically and metaphysically moves with the colours of the beautiful drawings. There are a few chases, intertwined with moments of peace, pose and beauty like the underlying aesthetics of ballet. A rare mixture of quirkiness and quintessential existentialism, married with some strong storytelling elements to make it a superb artistic whole that will stand multiple viewing and the test of time. In terms of story, imagine Old Boy but with teenagers and love theme instead of grown-up violence and revenge. But it terms of tone, it is light-hearted yet intellectual, artistic and emotional. A great addition to the top-notch anime productions we come to expect from Japan. This time as a first animation feature from gifted and acclaimed Shunji Iwai who writes, direct, edit and even provides music to this miraculous masterpiece. Japan 2015 | 110 mins | FANTASIA INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL | HD | Japanese (English subtitles)

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