The Nest


Drama / Romance

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November 27, 2020



Adeel Akhtar as Steve
Carrie Coon as Allison O'Hara
Jude Law as Brad Stand
Wendy Crewson as Mrs. Applebaum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cjaymet 3 / 10 / 10

A pointless slog

I don't know whether to add this film to the "Movies where NOTHING Happens" list or "Advertised Thrillers with NO Thrills" list, but Lord knows it probably deserves both. This movie was a slog with a plot that was just miserable to witness made even worse by how purposeless it all seemed. What was the point! I feel like this was supposed to be an informative video on "Family Issues After a Big Move" but they left out the narration. Seriously, I am not seeing a reason to this movie

Reviewed by neurocore 5 / 10 / 10

Underrated. Dont listen to the haters. A story to learn from.

Yes the plot is simple and some people say it had many scenes that added nothing to the experience and I disagree. I think the movie achieved what it wanted perfectly. First of all. Live within your means. People in the west and increasingly all around the world live in a fairytale. They want the latest iphone, a brand new gucci bag and high maintenance car just because it's out there, just because they think it will add value/meaning to their life and give them the opportunity to post something on Instagram. If you cant afford it- dont buy it. Learn to say NO.Either make more money or be content with what you have. Invest in your skills/hobbies instead of a fancy lifestyle you cant afford. Are you honest and real with the person that you truly are? Who are you trying to impress, yourself or others? Look at Warren Buffet. He's a billionaire and lives in a modest home, drives his rusty car ,and gets breakfast at McDonalds. If you walked past him you would probably never tell that he is one of the richest men in the world. Thats because his biggest asset is his mind and not his bank account. Find something you are passionate about and stop trying to impress others. And finally family is number one. Your kids dont need to attend the most expensive school and live in the biggest house possible. They need love and attention. They need something to look up to. Yes a man is a provider , but as long as your kids have a roof over their heads and food on the table its gonna be fine. If they get less they get less, people who accomplish biggest feats usually come from poor background because they learn very early what it means to struggle. You get out of life what you put in. Its far more important to have a father in the house than live without financial struggle. The acting was great and i really loved the way filmmakers used Richmond in this movie. There is a heart breaking scene when Allison comes back home after drinking. She desperately wanted to get her life back(horse). Life in New York wasnt perfect, it wasnt without struggle but at least the family was happy. My english is not the best but this movie is very well worth watching. Dont listen to the haters.

Reviewed by hedwardali 5 / 10 / 10

Failed to finish

The story line is built up nicely, the actors carry the movie but the director fails in delivery of telling us a story. There could have been more details on the main characters motives. With the sudden finish is seems like the covid hit and the movie production just stopped! The movie had a great potential to be done well but IMHO the director did a terrible job.

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