The Next Three Days


Action / Crime / Drama / Romance / Thriller

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April 11, 2019



Liam Neeson as Will
Olivia Wilde as Self
Russell Crowe as Colin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mahaassery 10 / 10 / 10

must watch!

One of the best movies that i ever had! you need to watch the first 15 minute then you will become attach to it! enjoy!

Reviewed by Nagesh Kumar C S 10 / 10 / 10

Suspense and Emotional Interplay with admirable balance!

English review Suspense thriller with emotional play: The next three days 2010 You need to watch this excellent movie with stellar performances of Russel Crowe and Elizabeth Banks to see how to make a suspense thriller with a murder accused a working lady falsely sentenced and her husband a College professor evolving a detailed plan for her prison break. The movie with excellent jump editing , flashbacks with a non linear storytelling is both gripping and an emotional roller coaster showing the different hues of emotions the family of three goes through ... Superb performances, good production values and not too many action scenes and nothing overtly sexual make it worth watching with family/ friends. IMDB rates it 7.4/10. I would rate it 9/10. Well done!!

Reviewed by dwearle-15295 10 / 10 / 10

A tight, gripping thrill ride!

All in all, I have to say this is the best drama-suspense movie I have seen in years, even though it was released in 2010, and I am making this review in 2017. Russel Crowe is superb as a stunned husband, and father, who just couldn't accept the guilty conviction of his wife in the murder of her boss, and decides that he isn't going to rest, knowing she would be imprisoned for life. Enter Liam Neeson who, although plays a VERY SHORT appearance in the film, 'counsels' Russel Crowe on how to break someone out of prison, as he (Neeson) is a former prison escapee. From there, the film becomes almost nightmarish in the 'what's next' aspect, as with every turn of event, you almost think Russel Crowe's character will either give up on the notion of breaking his wife out of prison, or he will get himself killed trying. From murdering a meth-lab owner for the money he needed to pull it all off, to getting beat up, and robbed, you just never know what to expect as this one evolves, which earns it my highest rating of 10. I don't usually go this much into detail with my reviews, but this one definitely kept me on the edge of my seat. Each time I had to get up, and pause the movie, I had to rush through whatever it was I had to do, just to get back to the movie, so I wouldn't lose pace, or track of what had been happening when I paused it. This one is definitely worth a watch, and even watched a couple more times.

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