The Ninth


Adventure / Crime / Mystery

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Foutainoflife 7 / 10 / 10

6.5 Stars From Me

Seances, book of the dead, ritualistic serial killings and putting everything together. I've watched 10-15 Russian films and for the most part, they have been ok. I've come to enjoy their attention to color and costuming very much and it may be what really keeps me interested in watching more. There is a lot of CGI stuff in these films. Mostly used as backdrops or enhancements, they are quite noticable and the beginning of this film in particular, it was almost too much. After the opening scenes, they weren't so blatantly obvious though. The action scenes could've used a bit more finesse as they looked very choreographed. The story here is decent but it lacks depth and detail. There's enough to keep you engaged but I kept waiting for things to be explained more. I was disappointed that the rituals were not explained but they were still intriguing. My guess is that there may be sequel to this and if so, I liked this enough to want to see what else may happened. So, I thought it was pretty good. If you like period horror/thrillers check it out.

Reviewed by Stanlee107 7 / 10 / 10


This is a Russian film that borrows from Sherlock Holmes, penny dreadful, the Mummy, the Witch etc... It is mostly in Russian but there are some English too with English subtitles throughout this film which I suppose is to appeal to an American Audience with a couple of English Actors among the cast. This is not a bad film. I would compare this film to slicing up a loaf of bread in that if you cut it too thin is it still worth making toast out of it or is so paper thin that it will burn into nothingness?! This is why this film doesn't work for me as it tries to be a jack of all trades (incorporating various gothic themes- Jack the ripper type killings, seance, reviving the dead from an ancient book) but master of none (as it is clumsily meshed together like joining 2 used bars of soap together & hoping the viewer do not notice). It could have or should have been better than it turned out. The ending is cheesy too.

Reviewed by saamitrov 7 / 10 / 10

Be original and don't copy Hollywood

I am a big fan of Russian cinematography but I need to say I don't like when they try to copy Hollywood blockbusters,in this movie you have a combination of Penny Dreadful,Peaky Blinders,Sherlock Holmes.......but why,be original and don't copy the Hollywood ! The movie is not bad and you can kill time watching it but all the time you will have the feeling of Déjà-vu !

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