The November Man


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Robert J. Maxwell 5 / 10 / 10

Everybody Spies Once In A While.

You can generally tell how closely an action movie adhered to generic conventions by how long it takes to get to the first high-speed pursuit. The car chase here begins at about the twenty minute mark. Strictly routine. Pierce Brosnan is a retired CIA agent who is called back to duty by his nationalist fervor and his high moral sense. Another CIA agent, by whom Brosnan has had a daughter, has been uncovered by the Russkies and must be saved. Brosnan doesn't succeed in his mission. The woman is seated next to him in a car when her chest is punctured by a bullet from a distant rifle. The man who fired the bullet is Luke Bracey, a young CIA man who is just following orders and who was trained to do so by Brosnan in his earlier incarnation. A feud now exists between them. It's cat and mouse. It's eye for eye. It's tooth for tooth. It's quid for quo. It's two for a penny. The feud adds tension but the tension is misplaced because the REAL villains aren't those whom you might expect. I won't give away their identities except to say that one is Bill Smitrovich, the CIA chief in Belgrade, where the story takes place; the other is Lazar Ristovski, a candidate for president of the Russian confederation. They get their just desserts. The principals in the movie stay in the elegant Hotel Imperial in Belgrade. I stayed in Belgrade for a while, too, but in the cheapest shabbiest hotel I could find. I developed these tiny red lesions which my companion, a medical student, claimed looked like insect bites. One night, in the course of rolling over, I happened to glance at the pillow where half a dozen bed bugs had nestled under my head. Now, I don't just offer this as a colorful anecdote but as a prelude to some advice of momentous importance: If you must stay in Belgrade, stay in the Hotel Imperial. Brosnan is okay, and Olga Kurylenko is positively magnetic, what with her plump lips and startling periwinkle blue irises. Luke Bracey is a good-enough looking young man. He looks like a movie star. But his delivery is pale and weak. Lazar Ristovski does a good job as the corrupt sex maniac who starts the Chechin War. Smitrovich is so repulsive in every respect that he, or his bald presence, seems to infect the screen. Amila Terzimehic is a hit woman who has had ballet training and whose nose is as long and threatening as her pistol, the one with the lengthy noise suppressor attached. It's confusing, filled with action, and violently routine.

Reviewed by juanitak278 5 / 10 / 10

Loads of Action

I have watched this movie 3 times, and I have enjoy it every time. The big draw is, of course, the main character, Peter Deveraux (Pierce Brosnan). His character is intense, charismatic and believable. To say the least, he is just plain fun to watch as he moves across the screen to get away from the bad guys, especially one that he has trained to hone in on and take out a target. Pierce Brosnan's character will stop at nothing to survive, while only does what is absolutely necessary and no more. There is no senseless violence at all. What is most important is that he is a master, a craftsman who knows what he's doing when it comes to saving his skin, even when he gets in tight situations that would make the toughest among us sweat, a lot. Recommended.

Reviewed by devicecontext-85955 5 / 10 / 10

Watch The Bourne Supremacy instead

I understand that this movie targets English-speaking audience behind the proverbial iron curtain. Still a female aid to prospect Russian president driving Niva SUV is something hard to believe. In fact this is pretty lame. And I am not discussing her fake boobs on top of her unbelievably horrible Russian. Guys, spend a few bucks and hire a decent voice-over, Brighton New York perhaps? As a consolation, a few counter-part Russian movies showing Americans I tried to watch, they are way more lame than this one. Russian agent-murderess, her outstanding hooter immediately and obviously reveals her evil nature. Other than that, action, suspense and everything else required for creating a spy story are all present. Still too much of a caricature. Watch The Bourne Supremacy instead.

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