The Obituary of Tunde Johnson



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David James Elliott as Alfred O'Connor
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Tembi Locke as Yomi Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spaul9403 9 / 10 / 10

One of the best films I watched this year

I normally don't write reviews, but after watching this one I felt like I needed too. To begin, this movie was very well done from the soundtrack to the shooting of the many different prospectives that revolved around the same scene. The actor Steven Sliver does an amazing job playing tunde, being black in America can be a horrific and an anxiety filled mess. I know from personal experience. That fact that he plays a gay man further brings it home for me. I felt every interaction. His co stars Spencer Neville and Nicola Peltz really make a well rounded cast each actor providing a different layer to the story that is very well woven into the experience. If your reading this review, give the movie a chance to speak to you, it gives an unbiased perspective, that is not easy to forget.

Reviewed by rashad_und 10 / 10 / 10

Interesting perspective; awkward pace

Firstly, I'm dedicated to writing honest and thoughtful reviews in full english words without all caps, exclamation points and other useless shapes. Secondly, I gave this movie a 6 because the atypical character perspective puts well known topics in review from layers that are unique and worthy of discussion. However, the execution can use some work. I didn't find too much character development to understand why they behaved the way they did or why I should ultimately care about it. With such a strong opening scene, I became invested in the character but then quickly lost him to a lot of general subject matter. The secondary characters were also so one dimensional and lost in "subjects" that it almost made the topics unserious. I would recommend this movie for mature audiences that are curious about a unique take on a pervasive subject matter - but I would not make it movie night material due to lack of coherent character and story development.

Reviewed by cjtysonmusic 10 / 10 / 10

Beautifully Done.

Bits and pieces of this movie, very vital pieces of this story I strongly connected with on a personal level. When my ex and I were going through these issues back in the early 2000's, we always questioned to whom could we reach out to for answers? We had no one and no where. No we do. I'm finally seeing a piece of my life being told how I see it. How I experienced it. Thank you everyone who put their lives and breathe into this work. I appreciate this gesture more than you know. I have been inspired. Well done. You did the damn thing.

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