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Carla Gugino as Cathy Rush
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Jet Li as General Pang Qingyun
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johnnymonsarrat 8 / 10 / 10

Jon Monsarrat review: action movie fans, rally!

Hey! Why'd this film get such a low rating? I hope it's not due to the drama / arty types. I swear they walk into an Arnold Schwartzenegger film and start critiquing the dialogue or the deep cinematic reflections on life. I think they may have formed a false expectation. Action movies don't aim for that stuff, so it's a little unfair to then expect it. Mostly stuff blows up in "The One", and I'm totally OK with that, being an action movie buff. What's weird is that you know they're using lots of wires and some of the stunts are a little overdone. But forget the fictional character's skill -- just the skill you'd need as a stuntman or stuntwoman making this movie to perform some of these stunts is truly impressive! Let me warn you that the plot is a pretty stupid, and while billed as a science fiction film it really is not. However, it's nowhere near as bad as sub-intelligent flicks "Independence Day" and "Mission Impossible". It was more like "Mission Impossible 2". And lots and lots of stuff blows up. Compared to Jackie Chan, Jet Li's films have more action, but it's stunt-like rather than natural, more of an "edge" (including blood and gore), less comedy, and he speak better English. I still prefer Jackie. If you're new to martial arts films, ease yourself in with accessible Jackie Chan action/comedies "Shanghai Noon" or "Twin Dragons". Who should see this film: -- action movie buffs and borderline action movie types who will trade over-violence for under-plotting. And don't drag along your SO. -- sci-fi movie buffs who don't form expectations of real sci-fi and like action flicks -- I can't think of anyone else. I'll give "The One" an 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by Tweekums 5 / 10 / 10

Jet Li vs Jet Li

Apparently there isn't just one universe; there are multiple parallel universes and it is possible to travel between them, although this movement is heavily policed. The agency responsible for the policing is the Multiverse Authority. Gabriel Yulaw was one of the agency's officers but after he killed another version of himself in another universe he realised he got stronger and smarter… he then went rogue and started hunting all other versions of himself. Now there is only one left; Gabe Law of the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department. Since Yulaw began killing his doubles Law has also started feeling stronger and smarter; he also senses when Yulaw is around. Yulaw isn't bothered who he kills so Law's colleagues think he has gone rogue. The only people who believe that there is a double are Law's wife and Funsch and Rodecker, two Multiverse Authority cops who have been pursuing Yulaw for some time. This is hardly a classic film but it is a fun enough was to pass the time and like sci-fi/martial arts. As others have mentioned the plot feels like a cross between 'Highlander' and 'Time Cop'; this isn't really a problem though as it is done effectively. The action is pretty impressive; the final confrontation between Law and Yulaw where we see Jet Li fighting himself was particularly well done… it really did look like there were two versions of Jet Li fighting. There are also shootouts and explosions. The only weakness in the action is when Jet Li's characters display their superior strength; sometimes the effects used don't look as real as they might… although the sight of Yulaw picking up two motorbikes and battering a cop between them was so silly it was funny! Jet Li is pretty good in the lead role and is ably supported by Carla Gugino as his wife, Jason Statham as Funsch and Delroy Lindo as Rodecker. Overall this is fun sci-fi action; not a must see film but worth checking out if you are a fan of Jet Li or Jason Statham.

Reviewed by MaximumMadness 5 / 10 / 10

"The One"- Passable action-schlock. Fun but ridiculous.

You gotta love cinema of the late-90's and early-2000's. It was a more innocent time. A simpler time. A time when broad, high-concept plot- lines and cutting-edge visual effects (at least for the time) were more than enough to put butts into seats and keep an audience entertained. A time when just the promise of seeing something new was worth a trip to the theater, no matter how ridiculous it sounded. Ah, it was a magical time at the movies, indeed. "The One" is definitely a product of this time period. A strange little footnote in cinematic history, the film is a mildly entertaining and also mind-numbingly silly exercise in style over substance. In a post-"Matrix" world, people were eager to see new and exciting things that the medium of Computer Generated Imagery could conjure up. And 2001 delivered one of the more intriguing ideas with this film. The idea that thanks to modern computer wizardry, we could actually see a world-famous martial-arts actor fight... himself. In a hokey pre-credits sequence, we learn that our universe is not the only one. Rather, it is one of many in the "Multiverse." Travel between universes is possible, but kept secretive and highly policed. An evil former "Multiverse Authority" (MVA) officer named Gabriel Yulaw (Jet Li) has recently started a string of murders throughout the multiverse- killing off his duplicates and absorbing their energy. He believes that once he kills every other universe's version of himself, he will be granted godlike power and become "the one." And his only remaining target is in our universe... a cop named Gabe Law. (Also Jet Li) The two will be forced into a battle for supremacy- Yulaw wanting to become "the one" and Law desperate to stop him by any means necessary. It's Jet Li vs Jet Li in the ultimate struggle for the fate of the Multiverse. basically it's a silly 87-minute cross between "Highlander" and that old show "Sliders." Directed by "Final Destination" helmer James Wong from a script he co-wrote with former writing partner Glen Morgan, if nothing else the movie is definitely a passable and watchable piece of action- schlock. The premise is just a weak jumping off point to set up the prolonged and genuinely thrilling fight sequences between what amounts to "Good Jet Li" and "Evil Jet Li," and you'll be able to forgive the shoddy writing and lame-brained character development if you shut your brain off for the relatively anemic runtime. High art this ain't. But good "dumb fun" it most certainly is. I quite like Jet Li in general, and it's actually a ton of fun seeing him portray both hero and villain in the same film. He's a really underrated actor, being more well-known for his fisticuffs than his emotion, and he shows off both his good side and his bad side with ease. We're also treated to the delightful Carla Gugino in a nice supporting role as Law's wife T.K. and an early turn from Jason Stathan as an MVA agent who comes to our universe and ends up helping out in the fight against Yulaw. The action is never anything less than enthralling and entertaining and the visual effects for the time were something to behold. While some of the CGI might be a bit dated by today's standards and you might be able to tell when Jet Li's face is pasted on top of a stunt-man's body during the fight scenes, it's a nice time-capsule and I think the dated quality gives it sort-of a quirky charm. Look, the fact is you're going to feel like your brain-cells are dying off while you watch the film. It's that silly and stupid. But sometimes... those are the best types of movies to watch after a long day at work or on a rainy afternoon while you're stuck inside. Those dopey movies that speak to our inner 13-year-old selves who just wanna watch some mindless eye-candy and not have to deal with complex characterization or compelling story lines. "The One" is not a good film. In fact, you could probably argue that it's objectively a bad film. But it's decent entertainment and perfectly fun action- schlock. And I think you could do a lot worse. I give it both a middle-of-the-road 5 out of 10... but also a reasonable recommendation for those who want something light and breezy to watch.

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