The Opposite Sex and How to Live with Them


Comedy / Romance

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September 3, 2019


Arye Gross as Riley
Kevin Pollak as Izzy Kirk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Pookyiscute 10 / 10 / 10

Very well written and very overlooked...

Unfortunately sometimes a movie like this comes along, and is very much overlooked by the mainstream. I love it more and more each time I see it. The writing is hysterical and the deliverance by each and every one of the characters is perfect. Kevin Pollack is probably the best character, and most suited for the role in the film. At the beginning of the movie, Courtney Cox meets the man she will eventually end up with in the film (I assure, I haven't ruined anything for you). From beginning to end you hear the opposite sex's view points on love, sex, friends, parents, marriage, and many more topics. An adult film, yes, but witty, clever and full of life, is how I would categorize it. It's very enjoyable!

Reviewed by clg_hdg 7 / 10 / 10

still waiting for the DVD as well

..rented this at a local video store some years back,and have held onto my old VHS copy (the only VHS tape in my movie collection,i might add),in the hopes that one day it will be available on is just a funny,repeat-view,movie.the characters are mostly identifiable with people that we've known or do know,the situations are not far off from nowadays.Courtney cox and ayre gross are perfect in their roles,as was Kevin matter what movie he comes out in,from the grumpy old men movies to serious stuff,he always makes a film that much better.the same cannot be said for Julie brown.need an annoying,grating sidekick type? Julie brown it's to hoping for a DVD release someday.

Reviewed by cuppettcj 7 / 10 / 10

Not that Bad!

OK, so this movie is no "Ben-Hur," but the worst movie ever? I've heard that the new Jennifer Lopez movie "Gigli" may be worthy of that title, but it isn't fair to put "Opposite Sex..." in that same league. Several of my friends and I thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie. I personally think Kevin Pollack is hilarious in his role and there are more than a few situations where you can't help but laugh out loud. Granted, if you're waiting to see a film with wide critical acclaim and great acting, then "Opposite Sex..." probably isn't for you. But if you just want to enjoy yourself and laugh, you should give this movie a chance.

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