The Other Hell


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 7 / 10 / 10

Very entertaining Italian nunsploitation flick.

A priest is sent to investigate an outbreak of apparent demonic possession at convent.There is certainly something dark and sinister at work there,but is it really Satan or maybe has it something to do with the Mother Superior's gloomy secrets?"The Other Hell" by Bruno Mattei is an atypical Italian nunsploitation flick.There is absolutely no sex or nudity,still there is a little bit of gore.The film offers some rather tasteless moments like genital mutilation or blood-vomiting nuns.The acting is terrible and the dialogue is stupid,but the film is fast-paced and surprisingly entertaining.So if you like Italian horror films give this one a look.My rating:7 out of 10 and that's being very generous.

Reviewed by macabro357 6 / 10 / 10

The Boring Hell

(aka: THE OTHER HELL) Nowhere near as good as Gianfranco Mingozzi's FLAVIA THE HERETEC (1974) or Mariano Baino's DARK WATERS (1994), this one ranks at the bottom of the barrel as far as 'nuns from hell' films is concerned. Even director Bruno Mattei in the DVD extra admits as much. We start with a nun who is embalming a dead nun, suddenly going berserk and cutting out the dead nun's uterus. She then stabs to death another nun who is assisting her with the embalming. A little later, she starts to bleed from her hands, mouth and feet as if she is being crucified. She basically winds up bleeding to death on her bed. It's a couple of so-so scenes. Believe me, this whole thing sounds more dramatic than it really looks. A priest is called in to investigate this and suddenly his bible catches fire. Then a younger priest (Carlo DeMejo) is called in to assist the older priest in his investigation. As the older priest is alone in his study tending his fireplace with a poker, he suddenly catches on fire and burns to death. The devil takes the form of a distorted mask with red-glowing eyes (looks cheap) or a faceless nun who looks like she has white linen pulled over her face. What the distinction is between the two, is never explained. Then the mother superior, who earlier in life had an aborted baby by the devil(?) stabs the younger priest. Just as she's ready to finish him off, the devil now appears as a young girl with the lower half of her face horribly burned. The Mother superior stabs the young girl from behind, but then suddenly, the corpse of the gardener (who was killed earlier by the dogs) chokes her to death. There's even more to it than that but I'm not gonna bother... You'll have to find it out for yourself. If this whole thing sounds pretty messed up, it is. This convoluted mess looks like it was done on the fly very quickly with little coherence to the script. Plus the Goblin soundtrack sounds ridiculous and out of place for a convent setting. Why not use an old recording of a Gothic choir instead? The Shriek DVD has an interview with director Mattei where he explains that the film flopped in Italy (not surprising) and that the ex-convent where it was filed at is now home to the Italian secret service. (laughs). It was shot in 16mm, blown up to 35mm but the widescreen transfer looks OK. Still, I really think this whole thing should have stayed in the can where it belonged. It's pretty sloppy. 3 out of 10

Reviewed by EVOL666 6 / 10 / 10

It Started Off OK....

THE OTHER HELL is a mess of a nunsploit/horror film that starts off strong and then fizzles out throughout the rest of the run-time. Seemingly pieced together from ideas gathered from BUIO OMEGA, SUSPIRIA, and ROSEMARY'S BABY - but never really comes close to matching any of those films. The plot focuses around a nunnery where mysterious murders are taking place. A young priest is brought in to investigate the assertions that it is the work of the Devil. The priest believes that the murders are not supernaturally related and intends to prove his theory... THE OTHER HELL started off VERY strong with a really cool opening scene that I was hoping would set the tone for the rest of the film. Unfortunately, it didn't. The film quickly became dull and derivative, with some scenes appearing to be almost directly lifted from other films. The strong Goblin soundtrack itself was ripped straight from BUIO OMEGA as is the lead actress. THE OTHER HELL had a good bit of potential but just never acted on it. I'd still recommend a look to Italian horror fans - but don't get your hopes up too high...6.5/10

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