The Owl and the Pussycat



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Barbra Streisand as Rose Morgan
Buck Henry as Man Looking Through Doubleday's Bookstore
George Segal as Felix
Marilyn Chambers as Barney's Girl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by silveryjessica 10 / 10 / 10

There are reviews here by people who are clueless

First of all, this film was not hated by critics. It was adored by critics, and it was a huge hit. Second, it is not a rip-off of anything else. It isn't derivative of anything else. It was a book. Then it was a play, starring Diana Sands and Alan Alda. Then it became this movie, with some significant changes, the main one being the elimination of the interracial pairing that had existed in the play. Third, George Segal has been working in comedies for his entire career. Fourth, this is a seriocomedy, with easily as much pathos as comedy. The comedy is broad and rapid-fire, and the pathos is very intense. There are moments of intense pain along with some really hearty laughs. Fifth, this is a time capsule. New York was a violent, dirty, impoverished, scary place in 1970, and never did people on the fringes struggle more. This is a time where you could be thrown out of your apartment in the middle of the night for making too much noise, before ATMs and when people had recordings of vicious dogs next to their front doors to deter all-too-common burglars. This is a time of a seedy 42nd Street, where you could go to one of 40 porn houses and watch full- length dirty movies all night, surrounded by drunks and bums and perverts. This is a movie of a place and time that doesn't exist any more, and these were the people who tried not to lose themselves while trying to make their dreary lives a little more than the reality they were trapped in. When people take themselves and this site too seriously, and run off at the mouth about movies they don't understand in language that is imprecise and improperly used, it makes me annoyed. Watch this film. It is unlike others. You will find things to love in it.

Reviewed by TLW404 6 / 10 / 10

great movie--Shame on Columbia for editing DVD

Many classic scenes, Bombs Away, TV in the aquarium, Barbra's hands and heart placed just .....hovever, when the DVD company from hell released it on DVD, they censored a word that renders an entire scene meaningless. It was an historic word also, the first time a star had ever said it in a major film. F***!! The only time anyone has ever censored Barbra to this day! Still a great comedy! Sexy, funny and way ahead of its time! One of Bab's best! George's too!

Reviewed by gridoon 6 / 10 / 10

Enjoyable film runs out of steam in the second half.

"The Owl and the Pussycat" is an uneven but generally enjoyable mix of comedy and romance, with a few dramatic undertones. There are some genuine laughs and some touching moments, but the movie's loudness occasionally goes over-the-line. Streisand is alternately appealing and annoying, sometimes both in the same scene. Segal is very enjoyable in his "everyman" role, and he makes the picture worth watching, although it does run out of steam in the second half.

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