The Package


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Gene Hackman as Narrator
John Heard as John Pierce
Pam Grier as Foxy Brown
Tommy Lee Jones as Jimmy Cleats
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Scott LeBrun 7 / 10 / 10

Offers no surprises, but entertains in capable fashion.

Gene Hackman plays Green Beret sergeant Johnny Gallagher; stationed in Germany, he receives the order to escort a habitually rebellious soldier (Tommy Lee Jones) back to the States for a court-martial. When the soldier, or "package", escapes from him, Johnny realizes that some sort of master conspiracy is going on, and that he basically got used. With both police and the military after him, he will be able to rely on just a select few people for assistance, including his ex-wife Eileen (who is herself in the military), and his old friend Milan Delich (Dennis Franz), a lieutenant with the Chicago P.D. Somewhat under rated, among the scattering of classics on director Andrew Davis' resume, "The Package" is a slick conspiracy thriller melding themes of political intrigue and paranoia. Written by John Bishop, it's not a great story at all, but it is pretty entertaining. Even this viewer had an idea fairly early on where the story was headed, and it didn't exactly prove him wrong. Still, it's pretty easy to watch, thanks to typically sharp direction by Davis, efficient pacing, and excellent use of both German and Chicago locations. The Windy City was Davis' old stamping ground, and he uses a number of his repertory players (you'll certainly recognize some of them). Hackman is an engaging hero, and he and the effervescent Cassidy do have some nice chemistry. Jones, in the first of his three collaborations with Davis, gets to have some fun, and be somewhat enigmatic; his character is a total mercenary, yet you never really learn much about him. Franz has one of his best feature film roles, and is allowed to head into the final battle right at Hackmans' side. Pam Grier and Reni Santoni are somewhat under utilized, but John Heard, Kevin Crowley, Ron Dean, Nathan Davis (Andrews' father), Chelcie Ross, Joe Greco, and Marco St. John comprise a very fine supporting cast. Heard, in particular, exudes pompous villainy in a subtle way. You don't see him chewing on the scenery. All in all, good fun, although it's the kind of thing that might not hold up to any intense scrutiny from the viewer. Seven out of 10.

Reviewed by chris 6 / 10 / 10

Cold War Conspiracy

The Package is an enjoyable conspiratorial cold war thriller. I was extremely excited to watch when I discovered Gene Hackman and Tommy Lee Jones were in it as I rate them both very highly. Hackman was excellent - thoroughly believable and accomplished. I thought Tommy Lee Jones was actually pretty unremarkable in this - perhaps because the nature of his character required some discretion for dramatic purposes. I always enjoy a standout performance from someone I haven't seen much or any of before. This time around it was Dennis Franz. I thought he was excellent and brought the movie back to life when it was starting to tire. Expect some twists and turns and also expect a few almost laughable moments that weren't needed. But overall it is a decent thriller with a couple of great performances notching it up a level from bang average. One criticism would also be the pace. I felt it lag a couple of times and almost lost interest - but the pieces came together eventually and it managed to reach its dramatic conclusion.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10 / 10

basic scheme doesn't make sense

Johnny Gallagher (Gene Hackman) is a sergeant guarding the peace negotiation in Germany with his men. They get attacked by a well organized group. Col. Glen Whitacre (John Heard) blames him for the failure as well as the failed hostage rescue in Iran. He suspects a group is aiming to assassin the President. Gallagher is ordered to take a prisoner (the package) disorderly sergeant Walter Henke (Tommy Lee Jones) back to the States. Henke escapes from the men's room at the airport with the help of several accomplices. Gallagher discovers that the man isn't actually Walter Henke. He enlists his ex-wife Eileen (Joanna Cassidy)'s help. Henke's wife is killed by an assassin and Gallagher is detained. Eileen discovers the package's true identity is Thomas Boyette. There is a conspiracy from both militaries to stop the treaty. Gallagher and Eileen enlists his old friend Chicago Police Lieutenant Milan Delich (Dennis Franz)'s help. The basic scheme doesn't make too much sense. It seems to be way too complicated and it would be simpler to leave Gallagher out of it. If they want Henke as the patsy, then they need to kill Gallagher at the airport or use one of their own men to transport Boyette. It's obvious the scheme is fashioned after the premise of Hackman and TLJ is hatched by the writer. By letting Gallagher go at the airport, he's obviously going to look and find out that the prisoner isn't actually Henke. The story needs a few more passes to iron out these problems. If one turns off the brain, this thriller goes on auto pilot and does a good job with that. Hackman is always capable in these kinds of tense thrillers. As a historical oddity, the movie was released at around the same time that the people were circumventing the Berlin Wall signaling the end of the Cold War. The movie is overtaken by history just as it was released.

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