The Paper Store


Drama / Romance

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Penn Badgley as Sigurd Rossdale
Richard Kind as Bill Reed
Stef Dawson as Annalee Monegan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mancinibrown 3 / 10 / 10

Makes one appreciate Richard Kind

The Paper Store couldn't have been more boring if it tried. It's about a woman who writes college essays for students (hence The Paper Store, buying college papers), who gets bought by one student to write exclusively for it. The first 20 minutes of the movie felt like an adult movie, with all the sex scenes taken out. The acting is on par with that. We see the couple meet, go back to his place, kiss, fade to black. This then repeats in a coffee shop, and again his place. There is a storyline about her trying to get revenge on him, because he doesn't care enough, but the overall movie was so bad, and the delivery so atrocious, it was hard to care. The one saving grace in the movie is Richard Kind, the professor giving the class she is writing the essays for. He brings some sort of credibility to the role, and rides the line of a professor who seems to care about his student, but really only cares about himself, quite well. This movie devolves into a he said/she said but frankly I don't care either way.

Reviewed by dhaqqt 8 / 10 / 10

Slick Dialogue and Stand Out Performances

The writing of this screenplay is witty, crisp, and at times biting. Very much in the vein of Arron Sorkin. Though some of the references may fly over your head, the intellectual combat of the characters is humorous and exciting to observe. The cast is amazing! Richard Kind steals the show as Prof. Marty Kane. And the two romantic leads, Stef Dawson and Penn Badgley have electric chemistry on screen together. The sexual tension between them builds with a slow boil that delivers an explosive climax in the final moments. Throw in a few cleverly crafted and well placed camera moves and you've got a solid, quirky indie rom-com that doesn't disappoint.

Reviewed by nyprodserv 8 / 10 / 10

Academia at it's worst

I found the fim entertaining and not like any of the negative reviews posted. Maybe the Gilmore Girl fans of penn badgely were expecting something else I can't say. But the dialogue was 'real' to me. There were not heros or villians just people. Real people, self centered and often cruel. But that is reality, it is not fluffy feel good piece about someone's collaged days.

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