The Paramedic


Drama / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gregoryl804 8 / 10 / 10

Pleasantly surprised by this movie

I started watching and and it didn't take long before the main character's behaviour gave me the creeps. The movie centers around him handling his new life with paralysed legs and the resulting frustration about it, which he works out on his girlfriend. His jealousy gains the upper hand with him spying on his girlfriend. His actions constantly made me curious about what he was going to do next and I liked the suspenseful atmosphere that was created. Not all the things happening in the movie are realistic but overall I liked the movie. Not as bad as some reviews here are saying.

Reviewed by faer_kr 7 / 10 / 10


A Spanish thriller. It is about a paramedic who lives with his girl trying to be parents and how he spends his time working until an accident makes his life change and the biggest of his dreams, which is to have a child, is frustrated. Entertaining Quality. Predictable like all of its kind. Mario Casas is unrecognizable and spectacular in this interpretation. Sometimes the language is run over and that makes some moments not understood. The character's psychology and motivations are very clear and bearable. The few successful sexual and violent scenes. It's about how we handle frustration of all kinds. An extraordinary option if you are a fan of thriller and Spanish cinema.

Reviewed by madonnicallysony 7 / 10 / 10

Mario Casas..I am your fan!

The concept is nothing new. But Mario's acting was everything in the movie. From the start we get an impression that the protagonist (Angel Hernandez) is recluse and doesn't like interacting much with people, he is an extremely controlling boyfriend and he suffers from a kind of kleptomania (maybe??) wherein he steals items from the injured people's homes or cars while arriving for help as a paramedic. When he suffers from paralysis his suspicion towards his gf grows stronger to the point he spies on her. In time, his gf finds what he was doing and she leaves him. The rest is kinda disturbing. As I mentioned, the plot is not new but you gotta watch this for Mario's performance. He just lives upto the character right from the start to the end with no remorse or feeling on his face regarding the type of things he did. The 7 stars go to him and of course to the ending. The movie has a good pace and doesnt leave you bored but it doesnt have anything extra ordinary to offer.

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