The Passion of Darkly Noon


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pa28pilot 8 / 10 / 10

It's a journey into the magic world of a madman (and his neighbors)

This is an unusual film. The summary above does a fair description of the plot, but what it doesn't describe is the air of magic around the forest and everyone's encounters within it. It's hard to describe this, except to say that the film both brings you together with one character's descent into madness while also introducing you to people who seem as though they stepped right out of a story book. At times, it has the feel of some children's tale of a lost soul wandering through the woods, encountering various odd characters. Some are endearing, some are frightening. The difference is that this isn't a children's tale, and the emotions and imperatives are being experienced by adults, though not always with a mature sense of self-control. Ashley Judd is both eerily wistful and intensely sensuous as a young lady seemingly without any concept of shame or self consciousness, and deeply in love. Brendan Fraser does a credible job of portraying an inexperienced, painfully conflicted child-man and seems to sweat this tension from every pore.

Reviewed by Niccy 8 / 10 / 10

Who will love me now?

I began watching "The Passion of Darkly Noon" with nearly little information about it. I knew which actors were in it and that it had something to do with a man who just got out of a cult. That man meets a "scantily clad" woman and desires arise. Well, maybe that sounds like a lot of information, but let me express that it really isn't. The movie is so much deeper than those few lines of plot. During the beginning of the movie, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about the film, but afterwards, I sat in awe of what had been displayed. The true test of the value of movies is if one contemplates the film at a later date, and without a doubt, I've pondered this film for a long time after viewing it. I don't profess to understand all the symbolism, but I do understand the purpose of the film and the significance of the characters. I have theories about the big shoe. Perhaps it is a symbol of how out of place Darkly is or feels, or a symbol of how he doesn't understand much in this "new" world. And in the end, with the small shoe, maybe it's a symbol of how out of place we all feel or how we lack understanding of our own worlds. But who knows what the shoe really meant. Although things progressed too quickly in the beginning, by the end, I realized that it was supposed to be like that. This is Darkly's story and we see the most important parts of his stay with Callie and Clay. It was the lightening quick progression of days and events that led me to understand just what was happening to Darkly Noon. His need to see everything as a sin dissipated and he began to really desire to be accepted by Callie and to try to accept her. But then he realized that acceptance wasn't enough, that he needed to be loved, and his desire did not love him back. Like his self-inflicted wounds, Darkly, himself, became infected and turned to poison (just as Callie said) because he wasn't tended to the way he needed to be. His cultist parents popped back into his mind and everything was a sin again. Still, there is a part of him that knows differently, but he so desperately wants to be loved, by his dead parents, by God, by SOMETHING, that he allows himself to be manipulated. And the form of his manipulation is incredible. It's not a living person who uses is his past, his upbringing, his learned beliefs and his vision of his parents that manipulates him into wanting to be "right" with God again and cleansing himself and the place he has been. And he allows himself to be manipulated because he knows that he will finally be loved, not by Callie, but by God, by something. It's the development of Darkly that makes the story. It's not about Callie or Clay or anyone else who happens along. It's about Darkly, how he responds to people, how people respond to him, and how he effects other people. He is searching for something he can understand, something that is normal to him...hence his friendship with Roxy. I also think the movie is about the basic need to be important to someone. This movie left me thinking about the possibilities if Clay hadn't returned. Would Darkly developed into a "normal" person, acquiring his desire's love? Darkly is important to Callie until Clay returns, then he is put aside, although not in an obvious way. It shatters Darkly's notion that Callie could love him and that drives him right back to doing things the way he was taught in the cult. And also, what would have happened if Jude had come to visit more and made Darkly laugh and feel a part of something. But in the end, "Who will love him now?" The way this film was shot is so striking. The film makers are unafraid of being unusual and using some non-standard techniques. The cuts, lighting and angles of the scene where Darkly is praying is simply amazing. How that scene is crafted really lends itself to project a creepy feeling to the viewer. That's only one example of the uniqueness of the film making. Now, let me mention Brendan Fraser. He is quite possibly the most talented actor in "young" Hollywood. No, he's not De Niro or Nicholson (and personally, I feel that they are over-rated anyway). Fraser is an actor who can convince me that he is a Cave Man going to High School just as well as he can convince me he's a stuttering cult member or a persecuted Jewish football player at a 1950's prep school. To be able to convince someone that he is all of those things is amazing. He's extremely versatile. And while some people question some of the roles he takes on, everyone of those roles fills as if he was born to play them. I loved "George of the Jungle" not only because he was mostly naked most of the movie, but also because he was so GOOD as the title character. Brendan Fraser doesn't have to take himself seriously ALL THE TIME, like other actors do. He can take cartoon characters on and have fun with them. Since this is a review of "The Passion of Darkly Noon," I'll stop writing about Brendan's other movies. As for this God (oops, that's a sin), Brendan showed his talent. His stutter alone was amazingly well executed. But the magnitude of his performance left ME stuttering. He mastered everything nuance and side of his character, from Darkly's naivete and his blind devotion to his cult's belief in the Bible, to his fierce need to be cleansed and right with God and his transformation into an Angel of Death filled with fury. In short (and in closing), I found this film to rich in characters played by talented actors and rich in deep and significant intent. This is not a movie for everyone. I can see how someone could not like the film, but if you like movies that are strange, yet comprehensible, movies that keep you thinking long after you've stopped watching, movies that make you wonder "what if...", then you'll probably get something out of this movie. I've avoided using the word "enjoy" because I'm not sure if one can "enjoy" this must experience this movie. The word Enjoy seems to project this sense of being entertained, and while "The Passion of Darkly Noon" is a movie and movies are meant to entertain, this film is not about entertainment, it's about emotions, thinking, feeling and understanding. It's meant to make you think, not give you that good down deep "I've just been entertained" feeling. It's meant to give you that "I've just experienced something very intriguing and wildly amazing" feeling. I hope other people took something from this movie and that the makers of the film know that it is an appreciated piece of work. I'm very taken with this film and I know that I'll be contemplating it for a long time to come.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

Passion, Religion and Insanity

While driving through the forest to the isolated house of the lovers Callie (Ashley Judd) and Clay (Viggo Mortensen), the driver Jude (Loren Dean) finds a young man fainted on the road. He rescues the stranger and the sensual Callie welcomes him while Clay is retired in the woods. When he awakes, he tells his name, Darkly Noon (Brendan Fraser), and explains that his religious parents had been killed in their house by the furious locals and he had successfully escaped with his bible. Clay returns and accepts the presence of the new-comer in his house. Along the next days, Darkly becomes sexually obsessed by the sexy Callie and uses flagellation to punish himself for his desire. When the confused Darkly meets the deranged widow Roxy (Grace Zabriskie) in the woods, she tells him that Callie is a witch that killed her husband and that bewitches young men. When Roxy commits suicide, the insanity of the fanatic Darkly leads him to punish the sinners. "The Passion of Darkly Noon" is another excellent and underrated movie of director Philip Ridley. I do not understand how this awesome director has only two movies in his filmography (the other is fantastic "The Reflecting Skin"). Today I have watched "The Passion of Darkly Noon" for the second time and this movie still very impressive. The story has drama, romance, eroticism and suspense, supported by magnificent direction, top-notch performances, beautiful landscapes and an awesome soundtrack. In 1995, Brendan Fraser proved for me that he is a great actor with his performance of a young man living in a conflictive situation between his religious credo and his carnal desire in spite of being miscast, since his character is a kid and Brendan was twenty-seven year-old in 1995, the same age of the sexy Ashley Judd (both were born in 1968). This gorgeous actress in her first lead role has an extremely sexy performance, with some of the hottest scenes of the cinema history with the great actor Viggo Mortensen. Unfortunately this disturbing movie is recommended for very specific audiences only. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Paixões na Floresta" ("Passions in the Forest")

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