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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by parham071 9 / 10 / 10

a dazzling drama about the past

This film was highly expected among the cinephiles and film critics who had watched the Oscar-winning film "A Separation". this is the first time the Iranian director Asghar Farhadi makes a movie which is not only not in his native language (Persian), but he can't even speak a word of it! he seems to have done a great job. the main theme ,like his previous movies, is family relations and here we can see a detailed observation of the effects of the past in our life. we can't get rid of our pasts, but only carry it along... The actors and actresses are in the right places. Ali Mosaffa powerfully portrays an Iranian man who comes to France in order to officialize his divorce with Marie(Bérénice Bejo), which is now living with his new boyfriend (Tahar Rahim). both Bejo and Rahim deliver promising performances and the young Belgian actress Pauline Burlet shows that her lack of experience can't prevent her from shining among the other stars of the film.the actors in supporting roles like the two kids(Elyes Aguis and Jeanne Jestin) are properly chosen and remind us of our childhood when we don't carry any packages from the past. Many people from different countries worked in this movie together to show us as a result that the human sentiments is the universal language and we don't necessarily need our mother tongues to communicate.

Reviewed by FrenchEddieFelson 9 / 10 / 10

A blended family is rarely a long quiet river

Ahmad, an Iranian back in France to finalize a divorce procedure with Marie, is going to be the involuntarily detonator of a time bomb by unveiling all the not-said things in an uptight blended family created by Marie and Samir, in the suburbs of Paris. Although he is not perfect, Ahmad is fundamentally empathetic and gets the conversations flowing. Thus, during these few days, he will be like the missing piece of a complex puzzle, and thanks to (because of ?) him, secrets will be revealed. With this growing tension, we sense that this blended family will either come out grown up or either imploded. I invite you very strongly to discover the end of this beautiful film. During two hours, you will bathe in a tub filled with delicacy, anger, benevolence, love, sadness, respect, betrayal, empathy, ... The whole cast is excellent. Ali Mosaffa, Tahar Rahim and Pauline Burlet are particularly tremendous. Moreover, the photography, the music, the script and the direction are sublime. As a synthesis: 8/9 of 10.

Reviewed by rubenm 9 / 10 / 10

Emotional roller-coaster

Without any doubt, this film ranks among the best I've seen this year, and maybe even the last few years. It's hard to understand that this film didn't win the Palme d'Or in Cannes. Asghar Farhadi outdid himself with this masterpiece, following up on the Oscar-winning 'A Separation'. The story about a two men, a woman and a girl tangled up in an uncomfortable spiderweb of conflicting feelings and allegiances is an emotional roller-coaster that won't leave anyone indifferent. The film starts off with a woman at an airport, eagerly waiting for a man to arrive. They meet, they embrace and they run through the rain to their car. The woman takes the wheel and backs out of the parking space. But the rear window is wet and damp, she doesn't have a clear view of what happens behind the car and she almost hits another vehicle. This small scene, that precedes the opening credits, is symbolic for the film: looking back at events in the past, and not getting a clear view of their meaning. The film doesn't have any flaws or weak points, but two elements stand out. The first is the screenplay. It's extremely clever and well-structured. From beginning to end, the audience gets dripfeeded with little bits of information, so that the viewer can construct the story for himself. Every new bit of information creates new questions, that are answered with new elements, which create new questions, etcetera. In the second half of the film, the revelations get more and more dramatic, and so does the story. The dramatic power of the film increases gradually, which is a great accomplishment, screenplay-wise. Another very strong point of the screenplay is that it tells exactly what you need to know, not more and not less, in a very economical and offhanded way. The second outstanding feature of the film is the acting. There is not a tiny trace of unnatural or artificial behaviour in the film. The actors are completely believable. In fact it's hard to believe they are actors at all. The only well-known member of the cast is Bérénice Bejo (of 'The Artist' fame), but I must admit I didn't recognize her. Iranian actor Ali Mossafa is great as the sensible outsider who tries to stay reasonable among high-running emotions, but the best performance in my opinion is given by Elyes Aguis, who plays a young boy, upset by the near-death of his mother and the new love interest of his father. The scene with his father in the underground railway station is truly heart-wrenching. The film is stylistically related to 'A Separation'. It's about how to cope with the failure of a marriage, how the present is destined by things from the past, how crucial events can be interpreted in different ways by different people. At the same time, it's a very different film. For one thing, this is a French film, not Iranian (although there are some Iranian elements). Besides, certain themes from 'A Separation' are absent in 'Le Passé', such as religion and social differences. Other themes, such as the relationship between father and son (and mother and daughter), are more prominent. I described this film as an emotional roller-coaster, but that doesn't mean it's a 'soft' film, only about feelings. It's just as much a whodunit, where the search for the killer is replaced by the search for the truth. What happened exactly, how did it happen and why? Those are the questions that the audience keeps on asking itself. Spoiler: not all questions are answered - some remain a mystery, for the audience as well as for the protagonists.

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