The Patriot


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Heath Ledger as Alex Bernier
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Philip Van der Veken 8 / 10 / 10

Try to see it as entertainment and not as a source of knowledge...

I've always had a weak spot for historically inspired dramas. I like movies like for instance "Braveheart", "Gladiator" and "Kingdom of Heaven". I don't like them because they give me some good insight on what that time period was like. Most of them aren't very accurate and if I want to know more about the real history, I'll watch some documentaries or read a couple of books. No, I watch this movies to be entertained and that's also the most important thing I focus on when reviewing this kind of movies: Did I like what I saw or was it boring as hell? The story of the "The Patriot" is situated in South Carolina in 1776. Benjamin Martin, a hero from the French-Indian war who has recently buried his wife, is haunted by his notoriously brutal past. He decides not to take part in the American Revolution against the British, because he wants to protect his family and doesn't want to leave them behind fatherless. When one of his sons, who earlier on had enlisted against his will, returns home, it all starts to go terribly wrong. The son is arrested by the British Colonel Tavington and accused of being a spy. He will be executed, but before it comes to that point, one of Benjamin's other sons runs towards the soldiers and is instantly killed. This makes Martin decide to enlist anyway and he becomes the leader of a makeshift militia, which consists of peasants, slaves, a minister and other irregulars. They are successful in their fights, but will all soon be confronted with the personal consequences... As I already said in the introduction, I'm not looking for historical accuracy, because I know I'll not find it in movies like this one. Hollywood has a tradition of changing the actual facts, to make a movie look more appealing for the audience and I'm sure the same has happened more than once with this movie as well. No, what I want is entertainment and THAT, I did get. Some major battle scenes, some drama, the obvious patriotism, some decent acting,... it can all be found in this movie and I must say that I liked it (most of the time). The main problem that I had with this movie was the sometimes oh so obvious struggle for the American hearts. It's almost like if they forget that there are also people outside the USA who will watch their movies. All the Americans are good and all the English, French,... are bad and arrogant. Perhaps the American audience needs such stereotypes in order to be able to identify themselves with that fierce warrior on the big silver screen, but personally I can see past that fake patriotism. Nevertheless, this is an entertaining movie and I would say that it sure offers some good value for your money if you aren't looking for too much historical accuracy. The acting and most of the story (like for instance the part in which he loses his boy) are touching and more than OK. Overall I liked what I saw and that's why I give this movie a 7.5/10. It's no masterpiece, but it sure is better than average.

Reviewed by slightlymad22 4 / 10 / 10


The Patriot (2000) Plot In A Paragraph: Peaceful farmer Benjamin Martin (Gibson) is driven to lead the Colonial Militia during the American Revolution against a sadistic British officer (Jason Isaacs). Back when this was released I liked a few Roland Emmerich movies (by that, I mean Universal Soldier, Stargate and Independence Day) so I was willing to give this one a chance, and would probably go to the cinema to see it!! However the trailers left me feeling a bit flat, and I skipped it in cinema's.. my brother rented it on video and I caught a few scenes as he watched it, as I was in and out of the room. What I seen was laughably bad. Almost as if it was a spoof movie!! My impression of it was so poor, I've never sat down and watched it until now. Well.... nothing I have seen here gave me the impression I was wrong!! The Patriot is boring, pretincious, ridiculously cliché and is just bad movie in general. Also the title makes no sense either. As Gibson's character was not a Patriot at all. He couldn't care less about the war, and had no desire to get involved at all, until a character dies, which spurns Mel's desire for revenge. Revenge not his patriotic duty. Gibson goes through the motions, Heath Ledger gives the impression he is reading his lines from a none to helpful actors prompt book.. and Jason Isaacs is awful in full pantomime villain mode. It seems like Emmerich tried to cram as many clichés in as possible, as if he was winking at the audience. But no. Sadly, it's serious. A peaceful man refuses to fight until a personal tragedy forces him into action, Children, who can not only outsmart red coats, they have a much better shooting accuracy than trained red coats too!! (As the bad guys all have terrible aim, so not too many heroes die) the token black guy and the lone racist (only one racist guy in 1776 South Carolina?? PLEASE) who learns the error of his ways fighting side by side with him and the final battle (which America is never in any danger of losing) in which the hero singlehandedly kills the villain of the piece and wins an important battle in the war!! Pathetic To put it bluntly, I'd rather go see a firework display during a thunderstorm than rewatch The Patriot. However my thoughts were not echoed by many, as The Patriot was another $100 million grosser for Gibson, as it ended the year with $113 million at the domestic box office to finish the year as the 19th highest grossing movie of 2000.

Reviewed by drmnc1 4 / 10 / 10

A film ruined by blatant inaccuracies to target blind patriotism

Thank you, The Patriot, for compelling me so much to sign up on IMDb after being a long-time lurker. There has never been a historical film that infuriates so much as this one. It is possibly one of the least accurate portrayals of the American Revolution I have ever seen, and this film smacked of attempting to curry favour with the American masses. In fact, American patriots would feel disgusted by how badly the events, ideas and people of the American Revolution were depicted in this film. The fact that this film attempts to target the blind, deep-rooted patriotism in America while blatantly trying to mask the historical inaccuracy and complete bias detracts from what could have potentially been a very good film. The directors didn't even attempt to try to be objective. However, this is what the monitored history in the America education system comes to, so I would expect nothing less. One scene portrays this particularly well. The British Army burning down a church? Seriously? That is just truly ridiculous. Most British people were still devout Christians at that time; they wouldn't dare commit such sacrilege. Such mindless script-writing just proves the film-makers will stoop to any lengths to invoke American patriotism, to make the American people feel that there is no-one else who are as honourable and chivalrous as they. It is as if they didn't commit any sort of atrocities themselves in the American Revolution. Nobody remembers that before and after the setting of this film, the very same people portrayed in this film who brought America to salvation were the same people who also displayed the real extent of American treachery when they butchered, back-stabbed and reneged on their sham treaties with natives in the American-Indian Wars, but we won't dwell on that. I wonder why there haven't been any films of recent years portraying that conflict. Every other character in the film laments how the new American nation will be "the start of a new world where all men are created equal." Of course, they fail to acknowledge that America failed to meet this criteria still almost 200 years after the film was set – Martin Luther King realised that. This is all hurriedly justified by the scriptwriters in a 10-second scene where the previously racist white man and the ex- slave make up – an entirely predictable scenario that anyone with a brain could see coming from the instant the two of them met. It is all such poor writing. However, credit must be given that this film was actually quite gripping and had a very workable storyline that was very interesting. The vendetta of Benjamin Martin against William Tavington was a great storyline. The actual portrayal of the battles was fascinating, and quite accurate from what I was watching, and the fight sequences were also plausible. War is not pretty, and it is the innocent that suffer the most. The Patriot actually displayed it very well. I am sick of seeing film after film where after the entire film, surprise surprise, none of the main characters have died, except one of course – the sacrificial lamb who's only purpose is to die at the end of the film. This actually makes the film a lot more gripping and interesting, and makes it a lot more realistic too. In war, not everyone comes out alive. It is rare you see this in film, and I am glad to see this occur once in a blue moon. The story was touching and I could sympathise with Mel a lot. Here was me, thinking that kids were immune from deaths in films! The acting itself was quite good too (apart from Cornwallis, who the writers conveniently decided to portray as a moron, because according to them, British commanders were morons. Things never change I guess!). The action scenes were exciting and enthralling, especially the showdown between Isaacs' skirmishers and Ledger's revolutionaries. The final battle was pretty strong too. It's a shame that what could have been a good film was ruined by such patriotic mindlessness.

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