The Perfect Host

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Cooper Barnes as Rupert
David Hyde Pierce as Warwick Wilson
Nathaniel Parker as Det. Morton
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Reviewed by Andy Howlett 9 / 10 / 10

Intriguing and very enjoyable.

What a treat this film turned out to be. The only thing that was easy to guess at was the fact that no-one was coming to dinner and that Warwick Wilson was nut. But there was more than enough intrigue and twists & turns to keep us guessing all the way through, and the quality of characterisation and acting from David Hyde Pierce was superb, The way he kept it just on the right side of camp was masterly. SPOILER COMING. It was a complete shock to discover that Mr Wilson was not only a cop, but a crooked one! What a stroke. What a film.

Reviewed by Akhil Balachandran 6 / 10 / 10

The Host was not good!!!

After robbing a bank, John made a clean getaway, still cops find out his identity and details about the car he ends up driving. Later, he finds a home to hide and also manages to con his way into the residence of Warwick. It's a dark comedy with many plot twists. Tomnay crafts a psychological cat and mouse game which will keep you guessing throughout. The film mainly focuses on two characters and performance by the lead actors were OK. Tomnay skillfully shifts the thrilling suspense to dark comedy was ridiculous to handle.

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 6 / 10 / 10

David Hyde Pierce nails it!

I thought this was a pretty decent black comedy/psychological thriller. However what made this low budget film stand out was the performance by the actor David Hyde Pierce. I don't really know much about this actor and don't remember seeing him in other films, but he did a spot on job with this one. As this psychotic, schizophrenic and whimsical pathological liar. He played a very intriguingly awkward and outrageous character in this. A character named Warwick Wilson who is mentally unbalanced but also knows how to play mental games. Overall, I enjoyed this decent movie because of the performances and the drive of the characters. 6.5/10

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