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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heratyplant 9 / 10 / 10

One Of The Best UFO Documentary's Ever!

I've seen most if not all documentaries on this topic over the last 40 years & this is just a wonderful addition to the subject & one of the best, if not the best! They present some of the most compelling cases with irrefutable evidence, often from high ranking military witnesses, surely they can't all be delusional? Beautifully done, as usual from the lovely James Fox, watch with a non believing friend, they'll have a hard time arguing with you afterwards.

Reviewed by agentkmartyn 9 / 10 / 10

Well made documentary, but I was disappointed!

Let me explain. I've had an interest in this subject for many years. I've watched thousands of hours of documentaries, youtube videos, discussions, interviews and so I have to agree with one of the other reviewers here that there was nothing in this movie that was new to me. It's basically the same old stories that have been in every other documentary and TV series. Before its release there was promises of revelations, bombshells and the like and if you're new to the subject then that would seem to be the case, but in reality all these events and incidents have been replayed and revisited in a hundred other documentaries. I did like the animations of various craft. It gave me an idea of what the witnesses were actually seeing at the time, and this is a topic that needs as much exposure as possible to pressure the world's governments into revealing the truth so the more dicussion this movie gets, the better. From the way this was advertised, I was expecting an even more explosive version of Dr Steven Greer's documentary 'Unacknowledged'. Sadly it wasn't the case and it looks like 'Unacknowledged' will remain the pinnacle of UAP exposure movies for some time to come. I gave it seven stars as it was very well put together and will help to get the message out there but it lost three stars for not containing anything new or explosive or anything even resembing a bombshell.

Reviewed by asazimbabwe 9 / 10 / 10

One of the Best Documentary Films on the Subject of UFOs & UAPs

Highly recommended for anyone interested in the subject of Unidentified Flying Objects. Director James Fox's explosive documentary is one the most credible and revealing films ever made about the long-standing global cover-up and mystery involving unidentified aerial phenomenon. Including shocking never-before-seen testimony from high-ranking government and military officials, NASA Astronauts, and riveting footage, the timely film includes bombshell reveals about UAP incursions at nuclear weapon facilities and the monumental events behind the NY Times' recent disclosure of The Pentagon's secret UFO Program. Providing eye-opening evidence that mankind is not alone in the universe.

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