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Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mork_the_Borg 8 / 10 / 10

The real face of humanity

Wow, wow, and wow again! This movie is awesome in so many ways. The actors are fabulous, and the "message" is kind of out of this world. Of course, there's a deeper societal and spiritual undertone, and as such the movie isn't real horror - it simply shows humanity in its current "developed" form. Where the cube fails in so many ways, the platform does not. The plot is beautifully made, and makes you wonder quite a bit. Finally, a movie that isn't about special effects, but is all about the development of the story. So much more than horror. Thanks NetFlix for bringing this to us.

Reviewed by fidaast 8 / 10 / 10

A great film except for the end

A new idea. Intersting story. But a dissapointing end that does not tell what happend or why

Reviewed by tanesutherland 8 / 10 / 10

An interesting film

The plot is fairly simple - a prison-like vertical underground pit where each level houses two people. Once per day, a platform containing a vast array of food set out like a banquet lowers itself through each floor. The people on each level are given two minutes per day to eat and then the platform moves down a level until it reaches the bottom. There are three simple rules (1) Each prisoner may bring one item into the prison. (2) No food may be kept off the platform from the platform else your cell will be heated or chilled to extreme temperatures. (3) Every month the prisoners are moved to a different level of the prison. These three plots may sound basic enough but the film takes us deep into the greed and selfishness of humans. Given that you don't know what level you will end up on every month, needless to say those in the upper levels will gorge themselves leaving no food. The lower the platform goes, the less food due to the greed of those on the upper levels. It shoes heavy parallels to society where the elites of society have no desire to share their wealth and those on the bottom suffer. The film also has an interesting take on social behaviour in that every month you are randomly placed on a level and so one day you may be on top with as much food as you want, the next you're down the bottom starving to death - a situation any of us could experience in real life - one day you're a working man and the next you're homeless. I caught this film on Netflix as it just showed up and I'm glad I took a chance and watched it. B grade, low budget, but delivers a powerful message. It's akin to films such as Ink, The Man from Earth, Cube, The Circle - all low budget films with exceptional story telling and brilliant acting. You will empathise and sympathise with every single character. We're all in this together. Or are we? You be the judge.

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