The Police Are Blundering in the Dark


Crime / Mystery / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by morrison-dylan-fan 5 / 10 / 10

Blundering fools.

After accidentally buying a 2nd copy of the satirical Italian Horror The Blood Stained Lawn,I was delighted to discover that the DVD seller had included a surprise "bonus" title on the disc,which led to me getting ready to see the police blunder in the dark. The plot: Heading to a photo-shoot ,a fashion models car breaks down.Getting out of the car,a stranger walks up to the model,offering to help fix the car.Suddenly,the stranger pulls a knife out and stabs the women to death. A few weeks later: Breaking down miles away from her photo-shoot,a women rushes to a near- by inn to make a phone call to her friend.Due to having planned a wild night with his girlfriend,the fashion model's friend tells her to stay at the inn for the night,and that he will pick her up tomorrow morning.Arriving at the inn,it is soon revealed that the fashion model has mysteriously disappeared. View on the film: Working on an extremely low budget,director Helia Colombo covers the film in Grindhouse slime,which goes from showing plenty of the murder victims skin,to being backed by a vibrating score from Aldo Saitto.Along with the Grindhouse grime,Colombo also gives the title an excellent creepy vibe,which goes from the Giallo elements having supernatural undertones,to the suspects having an uneasy "all in the family" which leads to this being a far from blundering Giallo.

Reviewed by Bezenby 6 / 10 / 10

The Police Don't Turn Up Until The Last Five Minutes

What a bizarre mess! We begin by seeing a woman having her car break down and getting a pair of scissors in her neck for her trouble, which then leads to a shot of a deranged man tending a lettuce patch and chuckling. We then cut to another young lady who breaks down and calls her boyfriend to get help. He's says he'll be right along, but neglects to mention he's in bed with another girl. Naughty, fella, naughty! This guy is Marcello and every single female member of the cast wants to tug his tummy banana. Marcello does eventually head off to pick up his girlfriend, but not before she receives a pair of scissors to the neck (although she's given time to strip off for the camera of course). Marcello is confused when he discovers his girlfriend's car is still around, so he's unsure where she's disappeared to, and instead he ends up at a villa full of very emotional people/suspects. There's the afroed-wheelchair scientist who has perfected a machine that can print out peoples thoughts (which it does by taking pictures via the eye of a gold statue situated in the dining room!). His wife, who suffers from 'Erotomania', whatever that is - she just seems pissed off that she lives in the country, and their neice, a blonde, sexually repressed girl who lives in terror of her uncle and seems to be the main subject of the thought machine. Plus, there's the doctor who looks after the scientist, the giant gardners guy, angry butler Alberto and yet another sexually repressed maid who has the hots for Marcello, and everyone else for that matter. This film looks like it cost about five lire to make and even though there's plenty of nudity to keep you awake, an interminable dinner party in the middle almost derails the whole thing. Luckily the thought machine and a novel death for the killer goes in its favour. Of course the killer's motives don't make much sense and there's a couple of extra twists at the end's a giallo. Got to have twists!

Reviewed by andebuchs 6 / 10 / 10

Blundering all around

"La Polizia brancola nel Buio" (The Police are blundering in the Dark) occupies a place of honor among the bizarre gialli. Even for a Giallo, "La Polizia brancola nel Buio" is quite strange: the film begins with a bang; a girl is driving on a road and suddenly a flat tire forces her to stop by the road. She looks around and sees someone nearby, and she asks him to help her in changing tires. He promptly goes there to help her and the girl says: "molto gentile" (that could be translated as - very nice of you). Suddenly the face of the girl changes from a smile to an expression of terror; the stranger had a pair of scissors in his hands, and starts running after her with murderous intentions. She runs through a forest, hitting branches, and losing one by one her upper clothes, till her tits are bare, it's then that the killer reaches her and slashes her throat. Sex and violence! After a while, there's another girl on a road, and she's forced to stop her car in front of an inn, her car must be fixed, and to crown it all, rain starts to fall, a heavy rain. Will this girl survive the inn? Well, anyway, this girl is wet, she wants to get dry, so she warms herself by the fireplace, but not before taking all her clothes off. It seems that there's someone in the room, or is it just imagination? These two girls and other ones had been going to a villa nearby to make photo shoots. This villa is inhabited by odd characters; many film scenes are filmed inside its walls, the characters do nothing much, they dine, talk, play cards, and there is the owner of the villa that invented a camera that photographs thoughts… and so on. There are many people who think that this part of the film is boring, but I haven't felt this way – the dialogues are completely over-the-top, and things are weird and ridiculous. And just don't forget – there's a killer on the loose. This film could be cool, if the director had some sense of style, but no, the death scenes and everything is kind of pedestrian. I think that the only way of breaking the limits of a low budget is through the imagination, and this (in a way) is something the filmmaker lacks, but the film is so uneven, incoherent and amateurish, that it has some strange kind of charm. Why? I don't know. I've seen this film twice already.

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