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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by hapkidomonkey 1 / 10 / 10

God Awful movie...

I really wanted this to be good. I had a long day and stayed up watching this on Amazon Prime. I was so dissatisfied that I had to say something. I have no idea who wrote this script. They should have at least sat down and did a table read of the dialogue. Most of the lines had horrible delivery, the jokes (there were none), and most the dialogue was way too long or unnecessary. The first act of the film we are introduced to the protagonist but he doesn't carry the film. There's literally nothing of interest about him or the cast throughout a 100% of the film. His supporting cast has more uninteresting dialogue, background, and action than the lead. It took half of the movie to find out what happened to the lead characters legs, his father, and his relationship with his girlfriend. Nothing holds your interest through the first 20 minutes of the movie. When they do get their powers the lead character isn't even noticeable anymore and he does nothing of interest accept lose his powers at the end of the film; which made absolutely no sense. Maybe it wasn't the intent of the writer or the director but if they were to go back and review the film; they basically took the main characters powers away. The protagonist at the end of the film (at graduation, states that the last blast fixed him, his uncle, father, and his uncles facilities have vanished. So, he lost his lame healing powers, after recovering from a gunshot to the head, over powering his Uncle with the help of his brother, and getting blasted with the Zero power gun again. Everyone else apparently kept their abilities. I was like what a waste of time! The other horrible thing, was that the camera kept floating (the jitters) back and forth. (smh) It was hard to believe that they shot this movie with a RED Digitial Camera. I'm like haven't you ever heard of a Steady Cam, Post Production, Story boards, editing filters, or even lightning? This movie looked like they wrote something, shot something, added lame special effect, and that was it. They couldn't have gone over the script, they didn't re-shoot scenes, didn't work out any of the action or fight scenes, and they didn't work out the plot or the effects. The production was just horrible. I've seen better filming on Youtube, with an iPhone / iPad, no budget, made with a lot of imagination and real planning. It is a great thing that they put something together but by no means is it any good. It is like making a beautiful and very poisonous chocolate cake. It looks good but it's just gonna kill you in the end.

Reviewed by Diane Alexander 2 / 10 / 10

UnProfessional Acting and DIrecting Make This Film A Complete Mess

Firstly, that guy above me who wrote one review for IMDb - for this movie - and gave it a 10 - that guy just about admits to being on the crew of the film. This is a fairly bad movie and most definitely not worth the time to view. The acting is that of a poor high school drama club, the "special effects" essentially consist of occasional blue glowing eyes and the direction is virtually non-existent. The plot line nothing you haven't seen before, exposure to radiation gives teenagers mutant super-powers. Right. The movie openly adopts a graphic novel approach with occasional cuts to an comic book overlay of the current scene. Nice but I'm pretty sure we've seen that before too. We live in an age where almost anyone can make a film because the tools to do so are so easily accessibly. This film once again proves that not everyone should.

Reviewed by MoreAir 2 / 10 / 10

Absolutely Terrible

This film was absolutely horrible. I'll get to the point. The plot was terrible. I would be surprised if anyone could make it past 20 minutes without turning this mess off. It was extremely predictable, and I do not see the point of watching a movie if you already know what is going to happen. The acting was awful. It was more like a high school play that was double cast, and that this was the alternate cast. The graphics are basically non-existent. And the graphic layout has been done in practically every superhero movie, so it did not add anything new. I'll be blunt, skip this movie. It is terrible. Even if there is nothing else to watch, find something. Don't waste your time on this outrageously awful film. Also, the director cannot blame the budget for how terrible this movie is. I have seen better feature length films made on a smaller budget. Lastly, don't waste your time watching this movie. Find something else to do with an hour and a half of your time. There has got to be something better to do that wasting your time watching The Posthuman Project.

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