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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danishdonjuan 3 / 10 / 10

Good American Christian movie. Tame movie for everyone else

A sweet movie about a religious family trying to protect their daughter from unwanted influences. However this movie is almost too sweet and too mild for anyone not raised by a fairly well-of, religious and protective family. The movie was by no means unreal, but its a movie I think very few could relate to. The acting and cinematography was pretty average, and the music reflected the American Bible-belt setting the movie takes place in, which helps set the scene and location, but is a disadvantage to the movies emotional dept, which I think this movie will seem surreal or too tame to provoke enough emotion to make this movie interesting to anyone who is not from a very religious American bible-belt family. I am from Europe, and have lived in both Bible belt America and America outside of the bible belt. The love shown by the father is touching and the issues raised here are good family value issues, presented in a good clean way for the Bible-belt Christian and for them I might rate this movie a 6 or a 7. For everyone else this movie does not hit enough debts to make it all that interesting and for them I will rate this movie a 3.

Reviewed by alexbrannon85 4 / 10 / 10

Honest Review

I watched the movie on lifetime a few days ago. It started off interesting and had my attention right away. I guess since it was on lifetime I thought she would go crazy, someone would die, etc but I was way off. She basically hangs out with a guy that whispers when he talks(you will know it when you hear it compared how the other person is talking in the room) and supposedly that leads her to move out and hang with another guy. The movie goes from there to barely digging into what happened between the three of them and that is basically the movie. About 3/4th through of the movie I realized nothing was going to happened and it didn't. There wasn't a point to the story at all. THERE WASN'T A POINT TO THE STORY AT ALL. NOTHING HAPPENED. You would think something interesting would happened when she came back home but it really didn't. It was like a boring life story that really didn't change anything except for one thing but who didn't see that coming? And of course she and her father would say no. The movie is not worth the 6.5 rating. There is a beginning of the movie but that seems to be it. The rest is uneventful besides a few parts here and there.

Reviewed by Marc_Action 4 / 10 / 10

Too Predictable

Religious-based movie about a preacher's daughter who goes down the wrong path and ends up leaving home, her small town, and the church all together--only to return four years later after she gets into trouble down in Houston. -------------- I think the movie started off good enough for a B-rated, made-for-TV movie. If you never read the synopsis, you literally have no clue where the plot is going--until you do. Without giving away too much, I say this because there is a point about only 1/4 through the movie that an innocent enough scenario unfolds that turns out, isn't all that innocent. This plot element will be the driving force for the remainder of the movie. Thing is, most viewers, even ones not so bright, will immediately see it. Once that happens, it sucks the life right out of a movie that is already paper thin on plot substance. Even if you don't pick up on this right away, the movie still drags on quite a bit until the end with no real payoff. It doesn't help that the audio and picture quality are awful even for a B-rated movie. I guess about the only thing the movie has going for it is the very likable characters in the preacher's daughter, the preacher himself, and a young troubled teenage girl that the preacher's daughter befriends.

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