The Prince of Pennsylvania


Comedy / Drama

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Amy Madigan as Carla Headlee
Bonnie Bedelia as Pam Marshetta
Fred Ward as Gary Marshetta
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by star-womack 8 / 10 / 10

A seriously funny movie

I have never been a fan of Keanu Reeves. I decided to watch this movie because of the rest of the cast. Fred Ward, Bonnie Bedelia, Amy Madigan & J.O. Sanders are some of my favorite actor). So I figured I couldn't go wrong. I spent my time laughing out-loud for the better part of the show. I had never seen Fred Ward in a farcical comedy before but he was really good. Amy Madigan drew quite a few laughs, too. Even J.O. Sanders, who usually plays heavy parts came in for some chuckles. Bonnie Bedelia is always a joy to see. Keanu really surprised me. He was truly good in the part. There are quite a few tender moments but for the most part this is a seriously funny movie. 8 out of 10.

Reviewed by KnatLouie 10 / 10 / 10

Probably one of the best of Keanu Reeves' unknown movies..

Back in 1988, before anybody had even *thought* of "The Matrix", "Speed", or even "Bill & Ted", a 23-year old Keanu Reeves got one of his first major parts in a studio movie, and in this Pittsburgh-shot production, he gives what could be one of his best performances ever (certainly better than a lot of the stuff he's been doing lately). The troubled teen (or "post-teen") Rupert is having problems at home, where his controlling father Gary (Fred Ward, "Tremors") is ruining the family-life with his narrow minded approach to everything has already destroyed his own marriage, leading his wife Pam (Bonnie Bedelia, "Die Hard") to have an affair with Gary's best friend Jack (Jeff Hayenga). Rupert wants his mother to have a happy life, and therefore decides to kidnap his father, in order to get him to sell some land he had inherited, and thus get enough money to provide for both himself and his mother (and his younger brother Roger), when they escape the dead-end that is their current home (in Pennsylvania). Rupert has an affair with an older woman (Amy Madigan, "Streets of Fire"), much to the annoyance of her ex-husband Joe (Jay O. Sanders, "The Day After Tomorrow"), who wants Rupert to shape up and clean his act. But Rupert doesn't want to grow up and become a miner like his dad, and tries everything he can to escape being stuck in nowhere.. one of these things being kidnapping his dad.. but who can/will pay the ransom? You'll have to see it to find out.. This is a very touching movie, kinda like "Feeling Minnesota"/"My Own Private Idaho", but different.. at least Reeves has a weird haircut in this one, which looks pretty funny.. I give it 8/10, because it's an underrated gem, which really deserves to be seen before it fades into oblivion. P.S: I found my copy on an old used VHS-cassette, but I'm sure there's a decent DVD-release somewhere in the world..

Reviewed by JuiceZee 10 / 10 / 10

25 years ago now.

It is fun from first moment til last. Reeves is in nearly every scene in all his pre belly scar youthfulness. The story is preposterous but we have seen how he is on board for that over the years. It's LOL funny in some scenes. Well cast. Filmed in the writer/directors hometown in, get this...Pennsylvania. Rupert is smart and adorable and the cinematographers were savvy enough to get plenty of closeups. The love story is what dreams are made of as well as the intimate moments, one in particular that involves an erotic, in the moment, and sensually sloppy kiss. Over all it was a wonderful way to tell a story about small town issues, the 80's, teenaged angst, and intimacy problems. Of course, and it is right and good, that Rupert/Keanu solves all the personal problems in the end. I am seeing a lot of Henry's Crime here but that's just me. It made no sense that Bonnie Bedelia & Amy Madigan were nominated for Indie Spirit awards and Keanu was not, as it was clearly his movie. I will say no more. Make every effort to see it. Enjoy the wayback machine for 87 minutes.

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