The Princess Stallion


Adventure / Drama / Family

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Ariana Richards as Sarah Stewart
David Robb as Ian Stewart
Gary Lewis as Mr. Russell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by coyets 6 / 10 / 10

An enjoyable tale of a horse and a teenage girl

Although this is not a brilliant film, it was enjoyable enough to make me want to see it a second time. Most of the characters are credible, but, unfortunately, the villains of the piece exaggerate their mannerisms somewhat. More could possibly have been made of the cultural differences between California and the sparsely populated part of rural Scotland, which is beautifully portrayed in many of the quieter scenes. The features of Scotland which are non-existent or rare in England helped to underline the difficulties of migration and gave the film another aspect in the unspoilt nature to be found in the Highlands. Sarah Stewart, played by Ariana Richards, is the heroine of the story, and changes moods as one would expect from a fifteen-year-old. Although the tale is not totally rounded, and one does not really have the feeling that everything is brought to a satisfactory conclusion, the character of Sarah stays interesting throughout the hour and a half, particularly when she is interacting with Fergus, played by Andrew Keir. I do not have any interest in equestrianism, but I found the part played by the title horse more interesting than in many other films involving the relationship between a girl and a horse. As far as I could judge, the interactions between Sarah and the stallion were credible enough given the special, and not necessarily realistic, aura of the zoological star. A further important feature of the film is the development of the relationship between Sarah and her father. Although this is less prominent than that of Sarah and Fergus, it surfaces often enough to provide another subplot, and to generate more interest in everything that happens. As I mentioned at the beginning, this film is by no means a masterpiece, but it is good solid entertainment, well acted and well directed.

Reviewed by pretty_n_punk3 / 10

A Good Movie for an Equestrian to Laugh At

Can you say "needs research"? I saw half of it and walked out. It may get better towards the end; I don't know. All I know is the story line is weak and they need better research on horseback riding because any experienced rider like myself will point and laugh at a stupid kid whose only experience on the back of a horse (besides pony rides at the rodeo), was cantering, which got her thrown off. And yet, she's able to ride a wild STALLION. And was it just my imagination or was she riding western in Scotland? Wouldn't they be riding English? Because, I'm pretty sure Scotland is part of England. You may wonder why I gave the movie a four instead of a one. Well, I guess it was just because I liked Fergus.

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