The Prom


Comedy / Drama / Musical

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December 12, 2020



James Corden as Barry Glickman
Meryl Streep as Anne Marie
Nicole Kidman as Gail Jones
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blk_Ne190 3 / 10 / 10


I had never heard of this musical before watching. I can say that this film has made me never want to see it. This film has so many issues but Jesus Christ James Corden is on of the main ones. He is unwatchable in this movie. It is honestly so so bad. The accent is so bad but the worst part is the terrible portrayal of a gay man. I think a quote from the movie its self sums this performance up best ' An Insultingly misguided, offensive and laughable performance'. It was painful and embarrassing to watch and it is even worse when on screen with an actual gay man who is just a normal person because it may come as a surprise to James Corden but gay people are just regular people they are not cartoon circus clowns and just spin and clap all day. He also has no emotional range so all of his dramatic scenes fall flat. I found the songs to be grating most of the time and found that they just didn't flow very well. They were all sung sort of out of time with the music it was really strange. I wanted to skip some because they were just boring and really lacklustre. Some were also pretty embarrassing. Especially the ones that come from secondary cast members. The cast was a complete mixed bag. I enjoyed Meryl for the most part, i think because you could tell that she was just having a good time with the character. I think that Jo Ellen Pellman was pretty good however i did find that sometimes when she was sad it just didn't read she looked like she was smirking or about to giggle. I think Nicole Kidman was the biggest waste of money and talent in this movie. She is so good but she was just completely wasted in this movie. She is hardly in it and just does nothing. When she gets her moment it is really interesting and i would have appreciated more time with her character. The message of this film is really good and really important but it is so heavy handed. I sort of liked the sets so there is one thing. I would honestly skip this its a huge waste of money and it is never ending. It felt like it dragged on for 4 hours.

Reviewed by sigridsteinvall 10 / 10 / 10

You gotta take it for what it is!

I truly can't understand the people who rated this 1, I mean come on people its really worth more than that! You gotta take this movie for what it is, sure its not the greatest movie of all time but its a heartfelt feelgood movie who just makes you happy. Instead of scoffing James Cordon for his accent laugh with him for it. Its just like Stellan Skarsgårds singing in mamma mia, yet another fun adding to the prom. Go see this film if you wanna have a good time and escape from reality! Ps: I have to mention the catchy songs! They have been occupying my mind ever since a saw this.

Reviewed by oraster-09387 10 / 10 / 10

best musical in 2020

What we all need in this desperate year is a little bit of hope and love!

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