The Promise


Drama / Horror / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pawful 6 / 10 / 10

Competent ghost movie

Boum is 15 years old, the priveleged daughter of a property developer who reneges on a suicide pact with her friend, after their father's are both bankrupted in an economic crisis. 20 years later, she is refinancing the vacant and abandoned failed development that was the site of their broken pact when her teenage daughter attracts the attention of the restless and vengeful spirit of her dead friend. It's a creepy premise and the stylish movie makes fairly good use of the excellent location (a real-life landmark in central Bangkok) and the plush apartment Boum now lives in. The rules of the haunting are inconsistent, which is usual in movies trying to fit in as many jump scares. The ghost has the power to possess people in sleep, move objects, control lights and and can also manifest herself in various locations. Given how powerful she is it is not clear what is stopping her achieving her revenge on Boum. I found that aspect of the story unsatisfying. For English language viewers the subtitles are pretty basic and you only get a general idea of what is being said (the ghosts name is translated as 'instrument'. I hope this movie gets an international release and better subtitles. One thing to be aware of, if you are at all sensitive to suicidal depictions, don't watch it because there is a lot of it. It was unnecessary for mother and daughter to compete to purposefully commit suicide to satisfy the ghosts plan, another plot device would probably be scarier and more believable.

Reviewed by datorsiers2 10 / 10 / 10

Keep your promises

An amazing taiwanese ghost flick! This movie is packed with action from start to finish, most importantly, not in the casual obnoxious Hollywood fashion, it's a ghost movie, but it still maintains the ellegancy of a high class drama. The premise itself is really interesting and the movie starts out without much filler content and background info, we get briefly introduced to the relationship between these two best friends and after that it's straight into action, without spoiling the brief intro of this film, as it is important to see for yourself. Also the acting is outstanding, even from the younger cast you can expect top notch screenplay here. Most importantly, this movie easily holds the suspense throughout, when you think you are getting let in to fully understand what's happening, the plot changes in a way making you over think what's about to happen, making the movie feel somewhat distant, if i could describe it as that Overall, a decent taiwanese ghost story, just enough ghosts, jump scares, drama and sorrow, nothing feels over the top here perfectly balancing everything out. Worth a watch, if you are bored of the usual Hollywood thrillers!

Reviewed by chelsietristany 10 / 10 / 10


First of all, if you are the type of audience who wants to watch a VERY SCARY horror movie, with lots of freaking scary-looking ghost, don't watch this. Personally, I really like this movie because it is one rare out there where it can serve emotionally dramatic but also scary movie (for me it's scary enough, even tho we don't see Ib's ghost very much). It has jump scares, like any other horror movie. The thing that I particularly like is the emotional aspect of the movie. How mother and daughter struggling to help each other and so. It also shows a very modern sight of horror movie, instead of going to shamans (which ALMOST always portrayed in every Thailand horror movie, because shamans is almost like a unique aspect that is very Thai), Boum chose to fight for her daughter alone. It didn't end very well, tho. But I think the ending is quite satisfying and emotional. The thing that still bother me is, why Ib's mother didn't take any action of her daughter's murderous revenge plan for her best friend? And why Ib must involve an innocent young girl, even if the girl is her betrayer best friend's child? But no matter what, I still think that Boum's decision to cancel her suicide plan is the most correct thing she's done in her life. She indeed is at wrong for asking Ib to go on suicide together impulsively, but imagine us being in Boum's place. OF COURSE WE WOULD BE TERRIFIED AFTER WE SEE OUR FRIEND DIED. I think it is very scary and traumatizing. Boum would never have the guts to take the gun and killed herself after watching Ib died like that. Anyway, this movie is soooo worth watching for those Thai horror lovers. One of a gem of Thai horror movie.

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