The Quiet Ones


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Erin Richards as Krissi Dalton
Jared Harris as Danny the Doorman
Olivia Cooke as Jane Harper
Sam Claflin as Mycroft Holmes
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by By-TorX-1 5 / 10 / 10

Has Creepy Moments, but Needed More Noise in the Horror Department

The Quiet Ones has a nice sense of period and some committed performances, but as it progresses it sadly gets caught in a repetitive loop. So, from a good introduction to the seemingly possessed Jane, the film then just replays the same scene over and over again in terms of the group conducting an experiment which produces some 'spooky' effect. This is effective at first, but it then becomes rather tiresome, and I was truly past caring by the time the Carrie-style finale (although not in the same league, naturally) finally (and I mean finally) kicks in.

Reviewed by Tweekums 2 / 10 / 10

Nicely atmospheric but not particularly scary

Set in 1974 this film follows an experiment undertaken by Joseph Coupland, an Oxford professor; his assistants Krissi Dalton and Harry Abrams; and Brian McNeil, a recently recruited cameraman who is to document proceedings. It is explained that the subject of the experiment is Jane Harper; a very troubled young woman. She is suicidal, has no memory of her childhood and has been in a succession of foster homes; each of which she left after unexplained 'accidents. Coupland thinks he can cure her by drawing out the negative energy and effectively create a poltergeist… something he believes is a manifestation of negativity rather than anything supernatural. Soon the university removes their backing for the experiment and he, along with Jane and the others relocate to a large house. Here Jane starts talking about 'Evey'; a negative energy which Coupland tries to encourage Jane to transfer into a doll. It isn't long before strange things start to happen; things Coupland is convinced aren't supernatural but it is clear that whatever the cause they are all in danger. Things are further complicated by the fact that Brian is clearly developing feelings for Jane. This 2014 film from Hammer nicely captures the '70s feeling and has a good central premise; the problem is that for a film billed as a horror it just isn't that scary; there are a few decent jump scares and it is a bit creepy but I expected more… The DVD box states that it is 'From the makers of "The Woman in Black"' but at no point did it have the skin-crawling terror of that film despite its higher BBFC rating. The acting was impressive; most notably from Olivia Cooke who was brilliant as Jane, Jared Harris who was suitably ambiguous as Professor Coupland and Sam Claflin as Brian, the most ordinary of the characters. The special effects were decent enough and the camera-work added to the atmosphere even if is felt a bit sub-'Blair Witch' during some scenes. Overall I'd say it is worth watching if it is on TV or the DVD is in the bargain bin but it is a bit disappointing if you are expecting some real scares.

Reviewed by Zomers 2 / 10 / 10

The Quiet Ones a.k.a. The Boring Ones

After seeing the trailer, I had a lot of expectations from this movie.The trailer gave away the mood of the film, but without spoiling the whole movie, this gave me good hope. (To admit, not only the trailer gave me this expectations, so did the fact that Sam Claflin played in it.) Like all horror movies it took a while before there was any action, but even after like an hour our so, there still wasn't any kind of real horror, it didn't gave me any chills. It was just slow, and for me they didn't really went deep enough. It was just shallow. The trailer and the story behind the movie intrigued me. I was curious how they would bring the real story come alive in the movie. In my opinion they really didn't succeed in that. They didn't bring the story alive like they should've done. The story behind the movie is more intriguing than the movie itself. I can't say where it went wrong, it just did in my opinion. They couldn't keep up the tension. The only remarkable thing about this movie is how they made the trailer so good, and the movie so bad, credits for that. I wouldn't waste my time looking at the movie, if the story is interesting to you, I would recommend to just look on the internet for more background information.

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