The Rainbow


Action / Drama / Romance

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Amanda Donohoe as Winifred Inger
David Hemmings as Uncle Henry
Jim Carter as Mr. Harby
Paul McGann as Anton Skrebensky
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alanjj 9 / 10 / 10

How I miss Ken Russell's films.

Ursula (Sammi Davis) lives in the English countryside with her happy-go-lucky dad (Christopher Gable), her stoic mom (Glenda Jackson, who played an older Ursula in "Women in Love"), her sister, Gudrun (Glenda McKay), and assorted other Brangwens. The family lives comfortably thanks to the generosity of Uncle Henry (David Hemmings), who owns the local mines. Ursula is introduced to lesbianism by her school's gym instructor (Amanda Donohoe), and is deflowered by a soldier (Paul McGann). She decides to become a teacher, and her family secures for her a position at the local school, where she has difficulty imposing discipline. Despite her strong feelings for her soldier, she refuses to become the wife of a member of the British foreign service, and chooses rather to be a spinster, and to love whom she wants when she wants. How I miss Ken Russell's extravaganzas! I don't even know whether this picture was released in the U.S. Had I known of it, I would have rushed out to see it. "Women in Love" remains one of my favorite movies of all time. Ken Russell mixes high emotion with the intellectual stimulation and provides substantial cinematic dynamite. Whereas "Women in Love" has a scene of Ursula vs. the bulls, this film has Ursula running from the wild horses. While "Women in Love" provided a nude wrestling scene between two men, this film has a nude love scene between two women. The scene of the soldier climbing naked up the rocks is an amazing spectacle. The cinematic rainbow is practically candy-colored--not meant at all to resemble a real rainbow. It provides the opening and closing of the film, as Ursula seeks to go to it. Her father recreates a rainbow out of edible treats, but Ursula does not want the real thing, only the fantasy. The movie is a treat from beginning to end. It is stimulating in every way--the music is superb, the acting captivating, the visuals stunning. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by jenpcraft 7 / 10 / 10

Excellent DH Lawrence adaptation

I loved this film. I went through a big DH Lawrence phase in my late teens and early 20's, and Ursula and Gudrun from Women In Love and The Rainbow were characters I loved and related to, despite and because of their flaws. This is a beautifully written and filmed story of a young woman who just wants more than her ugly industrial town has to offer. She is influenced by a couple of unconventional older people in her life. I thought it was a sensual portrait of bisexuality and creative freedom

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 7 / 10 / 10

The Wild and Weird World of Ken Russell: D.H. Lawrence Victorian romance.

The Rainbow (1989) was a film Ken Russell made based upon the writings of the legendary Victorian era author D.H. Lawrence, but with a Ken Russell twist. The story is a bout a young woman (Sammi Davis) who wants to live her life but she has to do it during the repressive Victorian age of England. But she meets a mentor (Amanda Donohoe) who shows her the many ways she can escape her button up lifestyle (if only for a few hours at a time). At many times it feels like a stuffy D.H. Lawrence novel (with the occasional highly charged eroticism). Ken Russell gets the chance to show the beauty of Amanda and Sammi in various stages. Too bad it was never released in the United States on D.V.D. If you love Victorian romance films, D.H. Lawrence or the films of Ken Russell then you appreciate more than the average viewer. Recommended for Ken Russell fans.

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