The Reconstruction of William Zero


Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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AJ Bowen as Mr. Bragg
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Melissa McBride as Dr. Bronson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JvH48 5 / 10 / 10

Potentially clever plot under-exploited. Relational drama and issues around cloning might be used better. Two extreme William's, one good one bad, only understood afterwards

Saw this at the IMAGINE film festival 2015 in Amsterdam. There were a lot of things I did not understand during the screening, and became clear only when my company explained that we actually saw two William's, with very opposite intentions and attitudes (in hindsight: the synopsis had some clues in that direction, but I overlooked it at the time). Nevertheless, in spite of my lack of understanding of some moves of protagonist(s), I was not lost in the proceedings, and it was still entertaining throughout the running time. SciFi: Making a clone of yourself is the only SF-element in the story. In the lab where he works, most experiments in that direction (on dogs) turn out to be failures, as all specimen developed some form of brain tumor or blindness. Our human clone seems not to be bothered much by the foresight of these defects, which may happen to him as well in the near future. That strikes me as odd. It should have received more attention in the screenplay, if only to make this movie more interesting while painting a possible future path in medical science. Drama: The separation from his wife, after having lost their 4-year old son by careless driving, is believable. Adding that to his fixation on his work, which caused the accident in the first place as shown in the opening scene. The interaction between the respective versions of William is not that clear (see above) and needs more attention to get us involved in the dramatic possibilities offered by the plot. It seems that some plot potential is left unused. Thriller: There are several plot lines offering thriller elements: the stolen clone material and the investigation around the theft, the constant killing by one of the William's to eliminate each and every exposure risk, and so on. It all seem independent building blocks at first sight. The overarching theme can only be put together afterwards, a pity that it was not made more apparent in an earlier stage. All in all, above paragraphs touch a lot of missed opportunities. These are clearly offered by the plot yet not covered by the script, in spite of being anticipated when reading the synopsis beforehand. Though failing on expectations, the story was not boring overall, and the respective plot lines still made it an interesting watch. A pity that the end result was not more than that.

Reviewed by zmail-77704 5 / 10 / 10

Not as good as it could have been...

The premise of this story is very promising - a thriller based on the concept of an apparent twin who turns out not to be all he, at first, thinks he is. At the risk of not wanting to spoil the movie, I won't say more about how things turn round, but the focus is always on the lead actor, Conal Byrne, who has to play William and William Zero and another allied character with enough distinction between the three that you can keep up with exactly which one he is meant to be. Thankfully Conal is up to the task and switches characters enough to be identifiably 'different' until the last chapter of the movie when the distinctions deliberately become blurred. As William Zero he has to appear practically clueless as to what is happening to him in the beginning and he almost pulls this off. Unfortunately the script advances too quickly for us to get a real feeling for the dilemma in which he finds himself and the progression, from what seems to be amnesia to the dawning of understanding exactly what he is, happens abruptly and without enough reaction to be credible. Similarly the reactions of the other characters in this story are also hurried and, therefore, appear unrealistic. Amy Seimetz, as the (ex) wife, does her best but isn't given enough dialog to carry through her predicament. In the end her conversion to the version of reality that she sees is too sudden and hardly seems in character. Overall I felt the screenplay was generally too predictable at times, whilst leaving a lot of questions unanswered at others (presumably to try and engender a feeling of mystery). There are twists and turns in the plot which, with better direction or a superior screenplay, could have been more entertaining, even shocking. The denouement is laughably simple (and requires another improbable leap of faith) and turns out to be what you might have been expecting all along. Of course there's no other outcome that could happen, but to give so many clues along the way, I felt, was unnecessary and leaves a limp ending. I'm left wondering how many scenes were heavily cut and are left littering the cutting room floor? The progression of the story feels heavily edited and this is the sort of movie where a typical preview of a more twisted, mysterious version might have elicited comments of 'I didn't understand it', forcing a different direction before the launch. This should have been a movie which throws up more questions, especially moral ones, than there are answers but, in that respect, it fails. On the thriller side it also doesn't score as highly as it could have done. At the end I was just left feeling that this could have been so much better.

Reviewed by charles000 5 / 10 / 10

Interesting concept, but has its flaws . . .

Briefly, the story evolves around the concept of clones, and a situation is conjured up as a sort of platform to deliver a plot theme centered on this arena of potential ethical questions. It could have been a fantastically compelling film, but just didn't quite get there. No spoilers here, so it's a bit difficult to focus on some of the key elements which are the demise of this effort. What stood out the most, perhaps, was the absurdly overdone emotional moments of the key clone character(s), which came off as just being syrupy, like emotional molasses oozing out of the screen. I know, it was supposed to represent the emotional neediness and psychological challenges of the main character(s), but it just came off painfully slow and pedantic. Just a wee bit too much on the self absorbed delusionary role playing . . . and a bit light on the actual functionality of the overall plot premise. Perhaps this might be remade somewhere in the future, with a different treatment. The concept is certainly interesting . . . but this version, well . . .

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