The Red Circle


Crime / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by evilskip 7 / 10 / 10

Good Edgar Wallace thriller

This is one of the early West German Edgar Wallace based thrillers.For some reason it doesn't get a lot of attention.That is too bad because this is a crackerjack thriller. After narrowly avoiding the guillotine a master criminal returns to London and wreaks havoc.Blackmail and murder are the trademarks of the Crimson Circle.25 people will die in his (or her) spree. A private investigator is called in to help Scotland Yard after 18 people fall prey to the Crimson Circle. Inspector Parr is deemed to be too old and behind the times to apprehend the murderer.Parr asks for and is granted special authority to carry out his plan.However it seemingly backfires in his face and 7 more people meet their grisly fate. Involved is a neer do well, a young lady of villainous ways, suspicious police officials and a shady Frenchmen.Who is the Crimson Circle? The plot is fast paced and there is plenty of action. The cast is up to the task and the vehicle is well directed.A nice little surprise awaits at the end. Well worth seeking out for an evening's entertainment.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 4 / 10 / 10

Good but unremarkable Wallace thriller

Another in the German Wallace cycle involving multiple murders and blackmail as the result of an execution that went wrong seven years earlier. Good but not great this film never really added up to much more than people moving around trying to figure out who the villain was and to stay far enough on his good side that they didn't end up dead. To be honest while it isn't a bad movie, its quite good, its very generic as these things go, blending so much into the mass of German Wallace films that I started to nod off towards the end. Its not the fault of the film entirely since I am under the weather, but at the same time I kind of allowed my self to drift because I sort of felt I knew where it was going. Worth a look on Late night TV or if you are in an undemanding mood.

Reviewed by Horst_In_Translation 4 / 10 / 10

Another example of Wallace mediocrity

"Der Rote Kreis" or "The Red Circle" is a Dannish / West German black-and-white movie from 1960, so this one is alreadyeasily over 50 years old. Director Jürgen Roland and writer Egon Eis worked on several of these Edgar Wallace crime movies that also usually offer a touch of comedy with how over the top they are. And frequently, this comedy is the only good aspect about the films. If you look at the cast here, you will read a few names, such as Aren't and Wussow, who are still known in Germany today, even if they died a long time ago. With these Edgar Wallace films, it is always the case that the main antagonist is mentioned in the title and this is true here as well, so we have a whole group of criminals this time. Tough challenge for the police force. But also for the audience as this 90 minute film was not a particularly good watch and for me it is another example of how most German films sucked around the 1960s. Not recommended, unless you really love Edgar Wallace, even if I had no idea why somebody would.

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