The Return of the Soldier



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Alan Bates as Major James Prentis
Ann-Margret as Tula Jeeters
Ian Holm as George Buckle
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by trpdean 10 / 10 / 10


This is superb - the acting wonderful, sets, clothes, music - but most of all the story itself. I am amazed there aren't more reviews of this movie - certainly one of the best of the 1980s. It's also a wonderful movie to see in tandem with the great "Random Harvest" which has much the same opening crisis -- a middle aged, unknown English W.W.I officer is in a hospital toward the close of the war, suffering from shell shock and complete amnesia without any idea of his name, origin, or anywhere he belongs - he proves to be a very wealthy established man - when he "recovers", he will not remember the years before the war -- But there the movies' resemblances end. My warmest thanks to all who participated in the movie - particularly the actors Ian Holm, Alan Bates, Ann Margret (what a great and surprising casting choice), Glenda Jackson, Julie Christie. This one stays with you forever.

Reviewed by Sylviastel 9 / 10 / 10

Glenda the Great!

Before she went into politics or public service, Glenda Jackson was one of Britain's finest film actresses. This film displays her talent despite having a supporting role in a stellar cast that includes Julie Christie as Kitty, the wife of a British Royal Captain who has lost his memory of the last 20 years, and Jenny played by American Ann-Margret in an almost unrecognizable role as the doting sister. Alan Bates plays the captain who suffers from memory loss triggered by the shell shock during World War I. Sir Ian Holm has a smaller role as the doctor treating him. You see familiar faces like Sheila Keith, Patsy Byrne, and Frank Finlay. You can't help but watch Glenda play a dowdy housewife and the first true love of the Captain but they came from different classes. It's not the greatest movie but it's good to see Glenda's amazing talent. She is still a fantastic actress, comedy or drama. She makes Margaret Grey into a likable character and you see why a regal captain fell in love with her.

Reviewed by jjnxn-1 9 / 10 / 10

Four acting giants have a field day

Lyrical, leisurely paced drama enacted by giants of the acting world. For those who have no patience for a story that plays out in measured parts this film is not for you, but if you are willing to allow a film to reveal itself slowly you'll be richly rewarded. All four leads are award worthy although all went unacknowledged in that year's honors. Alan Bates offers up a beautifully controlled performance as Chris Baldry a man who has lost his identity in the war. Working in a childish almost trance like state to reconnect with the part of his life that to him is immediate but is actually long in the past his vulnerable yearning is deeply touching. He is simply great. Equally magnificent are his three leading ladies, all the more so for them since all three are cast against their established images. Ann-Margret is close to unrecognizable as Bates cousin the sedate, caring Jenny. Hers is the smallest of the three woman's roles but buried under a dark wig with no makeup she still manages to make an impact and hold her own against the powerhouse trio who drive the film. Glenda Jackson subsumes her normal tough often strident personality into the quiet, gentle lower class Margaret Grey who the searching Chris' remembers as his great love. Forsaking the grand gestures that often mark her work as queens and countesses she is entirely convincing as the working class housewife transformed back to a sort of beauty by the remembrance of a long ago love. Julie Christie is perhaps most impressive as the haughty, closed in Kitty, the amnesiac Chris' forgotten wife. Always secure in her position and place in the world up until the moment of Chris' return she conveys Kitty's newfound uncertainty in small darted glances and the brittle armor her upbringing has provided to protect her from the vagaries of a world from which she has always been removed. There is a scene played mostly in profile at a window and with minimal dialog in which she imparts so many emotions in a short period of time it's takes the breath away. Not just some of the best acting she's ever done but some of the best ever put on screen. Aside from the main quartet the only role of any substance is essayed by Ian Holm as the therapist trying to lead Chris back through the mists of his puzzlement. He is fine as usual but he is rather sidelined by the acting fireworks of the main four. Richly appointed and lovingly shot this is for fans of great acting and adult storytelling.

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