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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jain35-1 8 / 10 / 10

More of a Political Commentary on Anna's movement

Director (Prakash Jha) seems to be confusingly treading the path between fiction and non-fiction but achieves neither. Nevertheless , those who want a 2 hour interpretation of Anna's movement and had not followed it , may find it useful , treating the movie as non-fiction Historic Drama . Out of all the characters, Manoj Bajpai's (Balram Singh) is the best executed. Kareena's character (Yasmin Ahmed) is frivolous. A more in-depth analysis was expected for Amitabh's (Anna) and Ajay's (Arvind) character. The script needed to convey more than what met the eye through traditional media but it is just a 2 hours summary of TV reporting of last 2-3 years. In comparison, Madras Cafe, brings out a lot more than what was in Public domain earlier . The script also lacks a proper climax and logical end . But in spite of short comings , I would still rate it high as Movie does convey a message convincingly and logically and does have a Moral of the Story. It holds a mirror to the Voters of India , many of whom are still not convinced that corruption is a major issue in the country.

Reviewed by ale-xpressed1 6 / 10 / 10

Take your favourite game with you because this film doesn't attempt to involve you at all - flat, linear pace, lacks story

The trailers of Satyagraha promised a lot but delivers absolutely nothing. The film runs at a linear pace with limited content and not even trying to keep you involved. It fails to capture the attention of the audience and fails miserably at delivering its high drama political story. Characters are weak and ill defined except for Manoj Bajpai who is good as always. Kareena was not needed in the film at all. You don't want to mix glamour and romance if you're attempting a political drama but Prakash Jha couldn't resist the Bollywoodisation. There is no chemistry between Kareena and Ajay Dewgun and the most romantic/intimate scenes of the film are actually it's most funny scenes resulting in loud laughters in the hall. Essentially, you've a man or two fighting for democratic rights but are both extremely autocratic and don't even try to keep you involved in this films which has no story. Still better than Chennai Express - there is nothing much on so you may want to go and watch it.; Make sure you've Candy Crush Saga on your phone as you will need it. My rating 3/10.

Reviewed by nairtejas 6 / 10 / 10

Fiction Is Stronger Than Reality. ♦ 60%

The theme mirrors the current political state in India. But the plot has been seen in many Bollywood political thrillers were everything is predictable. Satyagaraha is no different. Talking about the revolution by the people of a district against the corrupt government, Prakash Jha has tried to do what he does best: RESEARCH & SHOW! The first half is brutally original & I appreciate that. But come second half, and your enthusiasm will see a drastic decline due to the usual, "borrowed" elements from his previous films and/or other potboilers. Yes, it does tell a tale worth watching with average dialogs, simple setup, but the punch-power withdraws as the 150- minute screenplay advances to ultimate predictability. Cast performance is very good & I don't need to mention who did well. Of course, the antagonists. Now, come on! But the protagonists have done well, too. Score is below average, editing is fine & the whole setup - gives a natural appeal. Mostly, towards the end it again takes an authentic turn when they show how the repercussions of a people's revolution can turn out to be. Laudable! And, there was no need for that item song and romance! But, welcome to Bollywood! BOTTOM LINE: Fresh writing garnished by stale ingredients, that is what Satyagraha is. It manages to convey a message, but we all know, reality can never be manipulative as fiction. 6.0 out of 10! Youth can go have a look! Can be watched with a typical Indian family? YES Profanity/Nudity/Sex: No | Mouth-Kiss: very Mild | Violence/Gore: Critical | Smoking/Alcohol/Drugs: No

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