The Rezort


Horror / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Claire Goose as Valerie Wilton
Dougray Scott as Archer
Elen Rhys as Sadie
Jessica De Gouw as Melanie Gibbs
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s3276169 7 / 10 / 10

Last Rezort? Not at all.....

Lets be honest, there have been some truly awful B grade Zombie flicks. Thankfully, Rezort is not one of them. Yes this film has a modest budget and location and yes, its hardly original. That said what Rezort does, it does with a simple, honest, gnashing enthusiasm. Its pacing is good and whilst this is not going to engage the synapses all that much it does engage on a sensory level, with lots of action and a few mild scares. Just as importantly, its a competent production that employs some capable Brit actors and utilizes reasonable if not exceptional sets and locations. All in all there a lot more to like here than not, if you are a fan of the Zombie/survival horror genre and you want an afternoon or evenings chill out action flick fun. Seven out of ten from me.

Reviewed by slhma 5 / 10 / 10

Not a b flick SYFY not bad at all

This is a good movie.The producer wanted a Jurassic Park-like movie with zombies instead of dinosaurs.They succeeded.I won't bore with what the movie is about more than that.I was impressed by the acting.Most b flicks have actors with poor skills.These actors act as if they were in a big budget blockbuster.No phoning it in, in The Rezort.Character development happens while the action takes place so there is no boring first half hour.Thank you for that! This is how an action movie should be...just enough character development as we go along so we care about the characters and still get to be thrilled by the action. The location(Phillipines) and props are interesting and engaging.This doesn't seem like a low budget movie. However,i would have preferred the "disaster" happen a little less suddenly,it seemed a little rushed.It does set up several situations for us to want follow up on though.The zombies are different from the usual zombie in that they seem a little smarter than they should be..but that makes the Rezort and it's purpose all the more compelling and controversial.A little cheesy at times but nothing too over the top. Great make up effects,great camera work..this is a professionally made movie.Worth a might even watch it again.It borders on b flick for its few flaws but overall this is not a b flick SYFY movie.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10 / 10

Later there's running, and screaming.

A zombie pandemic that has claimed 2 billion lives is finally over, the remaining undead kept on an island where guests can pay to shoot the carefully restrained reanimated corpses with high-powered firearms. Unfortunately for the resort's latest visitors, the technology designed to keep them safe from harm goes on the blink, allowing the living dead to satisfy their hunger for human flesh once more. Put simply, The Rezort is Jurassic Park with zombies. But director Steve Barker is no Spielberg, and his modest budget can only stretch so far, which means that the promising premise really isn't given the treatment it deserves. Barker doesn't do a terrible job given the circumstances, I suppose, keeping the pace going at a decent lick, but with limited gore, not enough scares, and a cast whose only 'star' is Dougray Scott (i.e., he's the only one I've heard of), this is ultimately just another in a long line of unexceptional zombie flicks.

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