The Ride to Hangman's Tree



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Bing Russell as Keller
Francine York as Connie
Jack Lord as Guy Russell
Richard Anderson as Steven Carlson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by robin-moss2 3 / 10 / 10

Low quality remake of a better film

This movie is so uninspired that it has only two points of interest. First, it is an unacknowledged remake of the much better 1948 movie "Black Bart". Second, the female lead is played by Melodie Johnson who made a few films and then quit movies. I believe she now writes crime novels and is highly regarded. Melodie Johnson is an interesting actress because she had that rare gift of being able to change her appearance completely. (More famous actors with this gift are Alec Guinness and Peter Sellers.) The Melodie Johnson in this movie is unrecognisable from the voluptuous blonde with the plunging cleavage in "Gaily, Gaily", has no similarity with the bimbo who romped in the bath with Clint Eastwood in "Coogan's Bluff", and has nothing in common with the subdued country girl in "The Moonshine War" who offers herself to Patrick McGoohan (and is turned down!!!). The only reason to watch this feeble movie is to compare Melodie's Johnson's appearance and performance with those in her other films.

Reviewed by stryker-5 6 / 10 / 10

Stagecoach-Robbing Buddies Compete For Music Hall Songstress

This stodgy, unimaginative western was made in 1967, ten years after the genre had ceased to interest anyone. Important plot elements are left unresolved. Guy's love for Lillie, once it is thwarted, is simply dropped, and Guy doesn't seem bothered. Nobody refers to it again. The story's ending is utterly unconvincing, as though the writers were unsure how to 'tidy' the plot strands, and simply decided to cut the gordian knot. The actual ride to the tree happens in the first reel, and nothing resembling it happens in the rest of the movie. Jack Lord and James Farentino are pretty, and pretty good, as the male leads: they turn in competent journeyman performances. Melodie Johnson is miscast as Lillie: her radically unsexy screen presence is symbolised by the cringingly awful mimed song in her stage act. A wooden-headed plot, tediously predictable stunt action and weak humour can't prevent this being an amiable, if unchallenging, piece of entertainment. Curiously for such an unambitious film, it echoes and prefigures more sophisticated westerns of its era: the two heroes, trapped in a hovel, wisecrack while their assailants pile on the firepower ("Butch Cassidy", 1969) and they are saved from the noose by their partner's fancy shooting ("The Good, The Bad &c.", 1966). Not worth a trip to the cinema, but a mildly pleasant TV experience on a wet afternoon - which is how I stumbled across it.

Reviewed by classicsoncall 6 / 10 / 10

"Ain't no permanence in this line of business,"

If you're an avid Western movie fan, how could you pass up a title like "Ride to Hangman's Tree"? Unfortunately, that ride occurs in the first ten minutes of the movie, and the tree would never have lived up to it's name, even if it wasn't blown up by Don Galloway. The timber was just a dry husk, and if Jack Lord and James Farentino had actually been strung up on it, they probably would have hurt themselves when the sickly branch gave way. There's really not a lot to recommend here, as the opening sequence leaves you scratching your head with the way it introduces the principal players. The identity of the Black Bandit is revealed almost immediately with no fanfare, and if the idea was for Farentino to use the phoniest Spanish accent he could come up with, he definitely succeeded. From a strictly voyeuristic point of view, the main reason to catch this flick is seeing Melodie Johnson in as many profile shots as the director could manage to set up. Quite comical actually, as no one could be that physically endowed who isn't Dolly Parton. I also got a kick out of the stagecoach that was used during the robbery by the three amigos right after the botched hanging; it looked like it was brand new, that is to say, made for a 1960's movie.

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