The Rifleman


Drama / History / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by krisjaniszarins 10 / 10 / 10

Best movie ever about beginnings of Latvian state.

A moving story of teenager, who joins army to fight for his people, and his coming-of age against the backdrop of terrors of first World War I, then Russian revolution and finally Latvian War of Independence. A film making at its best, and an especially moving story for Latvians, as it all really happened just a hundred years ago, a birth of our nation state.

Reviewed by eloLatvia 9 / 10 / 10

Very inspiring and uplifting!

This film tells a story based on a novel "Dveselu putenis" by Aleksandrs Grins. Novel is too long for the film, so Scriptwriter Boris Frumin took the best parts to match 120 minute playtime. Film resembles war tragedy, as scriptwriter Boris Frumin puts it. Many people gave their time and energy, you can literary feel it in the movie. That important it was. Our nation needed it. This is a people's film. Very inspiring and uplifting. This film have a wide appeal. Just go and see it!

Reviewed by marruciic 9 / 10 / 10

Soul-shaker : superb Latvian movie!

First ever thought after movie credits started to appear on the big screen line after line was - I want to hold on to the feeling this movie has been awakening inside of my soul. It's hard to tell a story about a time that has been long gone, yet is in people's memories trough books and history lessons in school. Nevertheless - creators of "Blizzard of souls" are touching audiences with the simplicity, with extracted one person perspective, one joy and love, one... This is actually extremely hard to shine light on history trough a personal journey trough war days and relationships that are formed by the rush of war - everyone understands the urgency to take action and live this very second, to fullest, since there's great chance that might be the last sunrise, last meal, last kiss. Yet everyone is hoping to be able to live long enough to have that peace after.. Movie balances, telling us all the mix of emotions via superb camera work, brilliant movie soundtrack and acting that is heavenly simple and to the point. Some of the episodes are proudly written in the golden heritage of Latvian cinema, some will be. This is the movie that starts great line of stories - after the Alexander Green masterpiece here as cinematic marvel, people should watch "Chronicles of Melania" - these both are letting foreign people to understand the utmost importance and pain we feel and can make you understand why all the time under the soviet oppression was so dark for people who just recently had to fight so courageously to have own time, own country and own values.. No - this is not an easy and entertaining movie. This is a soul shaker. I would love to see 11 stars out of 10 - but giving here full 9 - as my effort towards "less biased" ratings. Must see!

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