The Rising Hawk


Action / Drama / History

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June 15, 2020


Alex MacNicoll as Colton Fremont
Alison Doody as Rada
Tommy Flanagan as McClellen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thedeepestblue 3 / 10 / 10

Beautiful scenic shots. But B grade movie if that...

Firstly, the scenic shots are truly beautiful basing it on they aren't all CGI. It's downhill from there unfortunately. Sorry for being harsh, but...The script is basic, mostly uneventful and rather poorly written. Accents from American to English was rather confusing! The actors are for the part pretty average (even the well know ones that should probably know better), but this probably had more to do with the poor script and directing (possibly). The main characters mother seems to have had one hell of a facelift with plastic surgery. Was rather off putting seeing the 13th century setting and a woman that I'm sorry to say in some scenes looked like The Joker without makeup. Why ppl continue to do this to themselves and not see how bad/unnatural it looks is beyond me. But hey, it's not my face so. Just the wrong choice for this type of movie. In conclusion, this would best suit you if you've either A: Got nothing else to watch on a Saturday night (like me) or B: Got nothing else to watch on a Saturday night...

Reviewed by Oakridger 6 / 10 / 10

Felt like a made for TV movie from the 70s, low budget

I watched this for about 30 min and it was getting increasingly stupid until luckily when I tried to fast forward it hung up. At that time I realized, phew, I should *not* be wasting my time with such a poorly done film. The story seems interesting and I kept wondering if it were accurate, historically, but I couldn't get past how the costumes were so poorly done, like this was incredibly low budget. I kept thinking of a 70s or 80s made for TV movie. Maybe today it would be a Hallmark film or something. The story itself could have been interesting, the plot, but the details were so contrived, predictable, Disney-esque. Lucky I didn't get sucked in for too long!

Reviewed by WatchAndSmile 6 / 10 / 10

Not a bad movie,but amateurish in all aspect

They had a lot of good thing going,but it was ruined by horrible shaky camera work, some obvious directing problem, acting issues, at times bad fight scenes( some were good)script issues and so forth. Director and camera people should learn to use the camera for their next flick as it was one of the worst I've seen in many years. With a bit more attention to detail and a bit better cast, it would've rivaled all the Hollywood big production studios. The known actors did a good job,but the rest were less than stellar. Lot's of cliches, as another reviewer said. Questionable stunts. Some reviewers gave it a 10 seem to be "patriotic" and not truthful and the current 7.1 rating is certainly not real,but I can see it settling to 5-6 over time - to what it really deserves. PS. the best actor in this movie was the swordsmith...

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