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Tadanobu Asano as Seiichi Shirai
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dare_Daniel 5 / 10 / 10

Obayashi's "Linda Linda Linda" with boys

A group of kids start a band, practise and play in public covers of japanese songs while they spend the rest of their time talking about girls. There's a huge focus on the kids' sexuality and inocense of their age. There's one funny scene in which a boy tries to hide his boner for seeing his crush on a swimming suit on the beach. It's set on a small rural town just like most of the other movies from this director, starring a very young Asano Tadanobu. It's a fun little movie, but at 2h15min it drags a lot. The Rocking Horsemen's first and final big show at the school festival wasn't very rewarding either.

Reviewed by thomas-korn / 10

Nobuhiko Ôbayashi was an amazing director

I'm sad to learn that "Hassu" (House) is the only film of his released in the US (with subtitles or a dub) The rest are fan driven This amazing gem of a film. The description of the story here is all you need to know; It's charming and fun. And it clearly was the inspriation for the TV show: Malcom in The middle.

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